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South ParkSouth ParkBLU-RAY Set10/12/14
RushRushBranded shirt, Dessert Tin, Posters10/12/14
Hallow's EveHallow's EveBLU-RAY10/12/14
SpongeBob SquarePantsSpongeBob SquarePantsDVD Set10/12/14
Dragon Ball ZDragon Ball ZBLU-RAY Set10/12/14

Quickie 10 John & Brittany

John & Brittany
  • 1. Food you would never eat?
    John: Probably chocolate covered insects of any kind. 
    Brittany: Or spiders. 
  • 2. One thing you have never done?
    Brittany: I don't cry. I have no tear ducts. 
    John: Sky diving.. or dumpster diving. I'd be into trying both. 
  • 3. Animal feature you would like to have?
    John: Easy. Kangaroo pouch. 
    Brittany: Elephant ears. All the better to hear you with, Darling!

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