Sparkle and Shine

(Jonny Kaplan & The Lazy Stars)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 24, 2013

There is always a time and place for all music that makes what's being played enjoyable to hear. Even if it's a style or song that one a typical day someone might otherwise dislike, if it's played at the right time and/or place, that song can become at that moment liked. Finding the time and the place is the tricky part but I think I have found the time and place for most of the songs being played on the new album, Sparkle and Shine, by Jonny Kaplan & The Lazy Stars. It's time would be during the start of you day off work while the place would be with friends while hanging out having fun and quite possibly at a local country bar. Sparkle and Shine has a swagger to it but that comes from the country sound being used in the songs. While it might be country, it also includes songs that use the rthym of rock and a little indie music building some sturdy songs.