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By Lee Roberts

Nomad is more interesing in 8 pages than Captain America is in 22 and Wolverine has another bday

Putting stories in the back of comics has been around for a long time and in fact it wasn’t too long ago that I complained about how there have been too many reprints of the same story being used. Now I get to talk about one that is not just a reprint of some old story or like in The Avengers #10 of the new series, the reprinting of the whole issue 1 of Heroes for Hire that just came out a few months ago (one which I paid $3.99 for to have reprinted in another comic with the same price so basically free).

This time though it’s all new story being told in the back of the issues of Captain America. The stories being put at the backs of the issues features the character Nomad, a girl who is the female version of Bucky for another universe who has been brought to Earth 616 (the main Earth of the Marvel Universe). The stories have been told for a some months now where at first she was meeting Steve Rogers after he came back to life and she explained what she was doing there. Which turned out the Captain America she trained with and fought with was actually Steve Rogers from Earth 616 during the time he was bouncing around when he was supposedly dead.

Now the story that’s being told is about Nomad being hired by the Black Widow into this hidden society to find out what super weapon they have. Both of them have been captured and being tortured to get the information that they might know. Only Nomad don’t know anything, not that stops them from beating her. But she was trained by Captain America making her no slouch when it comes to being tortured. How she gets out of the cuffs is painfully cool but the coolest part was when Black Widow is impressed with her.

Right now there’s only been 3 parts to the story, which if was in a full comic story of 22 pages, that would be a lot. However, here in the back of the issues the story is only 8 pages long, not much to really get told. This has really been a good story, in fact I’ve become more interested in this 8 page story of Nomad then I am of the main story of the main title of Captain America. Which is “The Trial of Captain America”.
Not really that interesting of a story line so far with this plot going on in the Captain America title. All it’s about is the history of Bucky Barnes has been told to the world. Everyone now knows he was the Winter Solider who went around killing people for the KGB. Just because he was brain washed and made to do all the killings and not being able to control himself hasn’t stopped the government from putting him in prison. Now he has to deal with the guards that think he is a traitor and the possibility of being in prison the rest of his life. Again, nothing that’s been really that compelling to read. Actually I haven’t been too impressed with the title in some months now. In fact if it don’t pick up it’s story telling within the next 5 issues I think that will be it for me on the Captain America title.

Ok, on to the other little gimmick that was done by Marvel that I didn’t mind but the story had me confused, the point 1 issues. With certain titles Marvel put out an issue with a .1 as the numbering. It was with Wolverine 5.1 that the story has me confused. Here it’s yet another story where it’s Wolverines birthday. Man this guy has a ton of birthdays.

Well, this one has become official at the end, though it don’t specify the exact date of his birthday but only that Logans girlfriend found his birth certificate to prove that it was his actual birthday.
So here’s the confusing part for me. How is it this girl who is just some normal girl, no super powers, no connections, just some normal human girl that is now dating Wolverine is able to find his birth certificate. Oh she says it took some doing but still, why wouldn’t an agency such as S.H.I.E.L.D. or maybe Professor X able to get it? Or what about Spider-Man? There was an issue where there story line had Wolverine call Spidey and hang out with him all day because it was his birthday and it was something that seemed to happen every birthday or a lot at least. It would seem Spidey, being Peter Parker who works for the largest newspaper and someone who has the connections he does, would been able to find the certificate with no problems. Now it’s some regular girl that does it, just don’t make sense to me at all. Still, it was a fun comic to read.