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UDReplicas Leather Suits and Ultimate X 4 finally comes out

Being a comic fanboy I like all things comics, though that goes unsaid when I say I’m a fanboy. Now I’m also a biker wholoves to go out on rides. What do the two have in common and why am I bringing it up in my comic book blog? Here’s a photo as to why I’m brining it up.

Yes it is what it looks like, the Batman Begins suit that’s a leather motorcycle riding suit. This thing is so freaking awesomely cool that I want it right now. Won’t happen though cause the price for the suit is $998, though you can buy in pieces for right now, but still the jacket is what I like and it costs $598.  If I had that kind of money to be spending on an extra set of leathers I would do it. However, I don’t have that kind of money to be spending on something that would just be for fun while riding.

Still, I had to bring it up because there are more than just the Batman Begins suit, there’s also one from X-Men 2 that Wolverine wore, which is also very cool. This one I think would be the more reasonable one to buy because at first glance it just looks like any normal style of riding suit. With Wolverines you wouldn’t get too many looks going down the road while wearing it.

There’s also one from Iron Man 2, which is based off the suit case suit that he wears. I like it but it’s a little too much of a costume look. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great looking suit, but it still has this look like it’s an Halloween costume that’s leather. I imagine going down the road in this one would really turn the heads.

But the last one that I first found out about is the Tron Legacy suit. This one is different because it has one for both man and woman. But it is also one that looks like it could be a normal riding suit. I think if I were to buy one of these suits it would be a hard choice between the Batman Begins and this Tron Legacy one. Especially if had the helmet to go along with it, this would be the really cool one to ride in.Ok, enough of talking about the suits, I just wanting to bring it up cause they are really cool and there are people out there that can afford them, hopefully one of them reads this blog then buys one and lets me know how it is.

With that said, on to the comic book talk of this blog.I just got the Ultimate X issue 4 this week, took long enough for it to come out. Lets do the time frame on issue 3 and issue 4. Issue 3 came out June 16 2010. Issue 4 came out march 30 2011. Hmm using fingers to do the math says it took 9 months and 14 days between the two issues. What a long wait for this issue and it wasn’t that good either.


In this issue it’s the mother of Liz Allen, who in the Ultimate universe, is a mutant. Throughout the whole issue it’s about the mother of Liz talking about being the mother to Liz and what it all meant. According to this issue, in the Ultimate Universe, the Blob is the father to Liz and she also has a half brother who is similar to the Blob.
 Liz don’t like her brother, in fact seems to hate him. He’s fat, odd, and hangs out with the skinny kid that everyone picks on. So it’s no surprise that by the end of the issue when Quicksilver appears Teddy (that’s the son of the Blobs name) decides to go with the son of Magneto instead of going with Jean Gray. Now I have a feeling that he will end up doing bad things, normally how it goes, but if I where to choose between who is the good guy and bad guy at this moment in the series I would have to say it was Liz. So far all Teddy did was be fat and act weird where as she was making fun of him, and siding with the ones that made fun of him and disliked him for not being good looking. I don’t know where the Ultimate line is leading with this but considering how they do mix things up it’s possible that they could lead to her doing something evil and he is the one being good. Though I doubt that will happen.

But other than the ending there wasn’t anything that was too special about this issue. Add in that long, so very long wait for it to come out, and that just made it even more boring of a read. I would say that only remarkable moment in the issue was seeing that Teddy could not get hurt when shot at point blank range. Then again, couldn’t the Blob do the same? Not sure at the moment but I think so. Anyways, just not worth the wait and the $3.99 price tag.