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By Lee Roberts

Heroescon 2011 in Charlotte NC

It’s be a year, a whole year really and truly, since Heroescon and here is this  blog that’s what I’m going to talk about. No not the passing of a year, though it’s crazy how fast time has went by, still not what I’m going to be talking about, it will be this years Heroescon. What is Heroescon? That’s simple enough to answer and has an answer that I can keep short. Heroescon is the comic book/sci-fi/gaming/toys related convention that’s put on by the comic book shop Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find that’s based here in Charlotte, NC. This convention is the biggest one that Charlotte has that’s in this field. At this convention there are toys of a huge selection and variety, comic books and related materials, as well as having a guest list that includes some very skilled talent in the fields of comics and more.

This year I went to it again to take in the sights and try to find me some new Harley Quinn items. I got to give it to H. Shelton Drum (he’s the owner and operator of the comic shop Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find) for being able to put on this convention on again and again over the years while continuing to have it be so much fun, having so much to over, and getting so much talent to make appearances there.

Each year I go in hoping to find some rare finds in the comic book area as well as some toys, Harley Quinn, and some autographs. For the most part I found everything that I wanted but as with life I wasn’t able to get everything. My first goal, find some graphic novels that collect the earlier issues of comics that are now worth a whole lot more than I can afford. This goal was not accomplished and it does disappoint me that I wasn’t able to get any of these great deals that I normally am able to find, it’s still not that big a deal.

Though I got to say that if it wasn’t for me buying all the issues each week for the past years that I had no need to find back issues. Which is kind of sad for me because there were so many vendors at the convention this year that had boxes upon boxes of comics for the price of 50 cents to $1. Now normally I would have spent around $50 getting these back issues to get some decent titles that I normally wouldn’t have bought for whatever reason I had at the time or ones that I just missed out in getting because they were published during the time I wasn’t able to buy and these 50 cents boxes usually hold some hidden gems. However, I already have so many titles to read that are recent that buying these back issues wouldn’t be reasonable.


Anyways, my second goal was to find some new Harley Quinn items. That I did, not as many that I would have liked, but really I doubt there would be ever be enough for me to be satisfied, but I did find some new artwork and a woman that has some really cool handmade plush dolls, and guess what she makes a Harley Quinn. No, I didn’t buy one, she didn’t have a Harley Quinn there sadly but she does custom ones that start at $45. Now if you see her work up-close it’s amazing how so freaking awesome these things look. Her name is Kittyzilla (yeah not her real name but if you are looking her up that’s the name) but why look up when you can click this link.
However, I did find a totally awesome piece of artwork of Harley Quinn done by Mike Maihack. This piece is funny, cute, and best yet has Harley Quinn. It’s also large and was really cheap, which compared to some of the other artwork of this same size, the price was really cheap. I also found another booth that was hidden in the back that the artist had done a postcard sized drawing of Harley Quinn that only cost me a whole buck. Yep, a very cool piece of work for a dollar, just can’t beat that. Though I’m not sure on the artists name, I believe it’s Cassie Kelly but I could be wrong.

But another goal for me, one of the bigger ones and more fun, is to sightsee. Yep, that’s right sightsee, and I don’t mean in looking at all the comics, artwork, and artists that are there like Neal Adams (who was really cool getting to see), but I mean the sights of all the different people dressed in costume. I went out on Friday and Saturday to the convention but it’s on Saturday that the most people come out dressed in costume. There wasn’t as many this year as I’ve seen in the past but there was some really cool costumes there. It seemed like this years most worn was Wonder Woman, not sure why but there were a lot of girls from child to adult dressed as Wonder Woman. I was expecting there to be more Green Lantern or maybe even some X Men costumes, which there were but not many, in fact not as many as I would have guessed. I only saw 1 Green Lantern, sure there was a whole lot of people wearing t-shirts with the lantern on it, but as for being in a costume there was only 1. There was however 2 Catwoman’s that had a good costume and when I found out there was 2 (yeah I thought man this girl sure does get around this place really fast considering she’s being stopped every 1 foot to have photos taken), but nope, it was 2 girls that just looked almost the same. There was also a Ghostbuster, G.I. Joe, a really impressive Deadpool (and I got to say the best and most realistic costume), and one Harley Quinn that was just adorable. Oh there were a few Captain Americas was seen walking around, one with the look from the movie which was very impressive as well.
Overall, this was another fun year at Heroescon, can’t wait for 2012.