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Before Watchmen Movie News and Character of Week 23

Watchmen has become one of the well known graphic novels ever since the movie came out in 2009, not that it wasn't already considered a good story. Well, that's old news now because if you don't know already there is a new set of stories that will be coming out later this summer that's a prequel to the 1986 12 issues series Watchmen called Before Watchmen. As we know, or maybe don't know, the first 12 issue series centered on the Watchmen as a whole and only covered 12 issue. This new series will cover the team as well but as individuels instead of all of them in one story.

What we will be getting are8 titles, 7 of those titles will focus on the characters, Rorschach, Minutemen, Comedian, Dr. Manhattan, Nite Owl, Ozymandias, and Silk Spectre. Now here's what had me not wanting to get them and still not thirlled about it, instead of 12 issues total there will be 35 issues. Ok, yeah I know that's cool cause we will be getting a more in depth story about these characters and better yet it's set before the Watchmen so that means they should be in their prime ( I hope). But here's the very huge down side to have 35 issues, price. With this being a special limited series, one that is going to be highly anticipated, the lowest price for an issue I'm betting will be $3.99 but it wouldn't surprise me any if the cover price was $4.99. But lets go with the $3.99 price tag, multiply that by 35 and what you get is $139.65 before taxes. Now that's going off of the cheaper price of $3.99, but figure that maybe the first issue is $4.99 or possibly $5.99 then the special one shot epilogue which could also be $4.99 or $5.99 and instead of looking at spending around $150 after taxes the price could jump up another $10 to $15.

Now that price might not be too high for some, especially when you look at it being done over months but for me, adding on another $150-$170 to my bill that is already has between 10-25 issues a week, that price tag looks huge to me and is huge. At any rate, the price tag does have me not liking it but I know myself and I know it will be near impossible for me to pass up on getting the new title that is probably one of the most looked forward to comic series in awhile.

Alright, there’s been a update about some of the future comic book based movies and I think it deserves a little attention and has me excited and a little disappointed. What I’m talking about is the filming of Iron Man 3. I’m a little disappointed because it’s being filmed in Wilmington, NC, just a mere 4 hour drive from where I live. Ok that’s not the disappointing part, that’s actually quite awesome cause I can make a day trip to hunt down the set and see if I can spot some stuff, the disappointing part is that I was not hired to work on the film and now it’s being filmed a mere 4 hours away, making it so close yet so far away from what I would have loved to been a part of the making of.

However the exciting news is there’s a picture that was taken showing who the new villain or possible villain is in the film.
I won’t post the pic here, just in case anyone that don’t want to see the spoiler can’t blame me for ruining the surprise for them but I will put in spoiler at the start and end of the paragraph so you know the part I'm talking about it so if you don't want to know skip over it.


Iron Patriot, that’s right, Norman Osborn, however it might not be Norman Osborn since he’s a Spider-Man villain and Spider-Man, which means he’s property of Sony/Columbia Pictures and Iron Man is Disney property that would mean Osborn won’t be making his appearance in the movie. However, that don’t mean they can’t do another version of the Iron Patriot that has someone else in the armor instead of Osborn. This has got me really wanting to know what’s going to happen in the movie and I think it might be stepping up yet again. Who would have thought Iron Man would be such a great movie?SPOILER ENDS

Some other movie news, the release date of Thor 2 is now November 15, 2013. Next is X-Men First Class 2 (not what it will actually be called as of yet) will come out July 18th 2014 (yep a long wait for that one so lets hope the Mayans had it wrong about 2012). Though this is a tv show it’s one so great and can be ranked up there as being better than some of the multimillion dollar movies, The Walking Dead is going to do a marathon on July 7-8. What makes this one a little more note worthy than past marathons of the show? It will air the pilot episode in black and white. I can’t wait to see it, I love black and white movies, I really love the old black and white zombie movies, so getting this in black and white will be awesome. The only sad part is that they are only doing the pilot episode. I would not only watch all of them in black and white (while loving it) but I would buy the Blu Ray version of the episodes even though I already have season 1 on Blu Ray in color. And my last bit of movie news is that The Wolverine (Wolverine 2) is going to be released sometime in July 2013. It’s going to be filmed in Japan, or at least parts of it, which for me gives me hope of so many cool stories they can tell of Logan in Japan.


Come on, do I really need to say what makes him such a great character? There are very few characters that can have it be said that nearly every version of him is cool. I think the only time I really didn’t like Batman was when it was Jean-Paul Valley being the Bat after Bane broke Batman’s back but technically that don’t count cause it wasn’t Bruce Wayne and he’s the only true Batman, which also goes for when they killed him off and Dick was Batman, though he was cool and I did like him, he was not Bruce Wayne Batman.

So what does make Batman so bad? Well he was able to take off Green Lantern’s ring without him noticing that he did, he’s fought Superman toe to toe, and he’s the world’s greatest detective. He’s one of those characters that can be made to do anything and I still wouldn’t think it would be him at his best. He’s got the cool toys, the cool cars, some of the best villains in the business, and best of all, he introduced me to Harley Quinn.