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By Lee Roberts

Flash Cataclysm Ultimates and Good Books

It's not big surprise that in the wake of all the popularity of the comic based movies that there are more and more television shows being based off comics. Over the years there have been many tries, some have been great, The Walking Dead, some where really good Smallville, and some have fallen to the bottom like the Flash and Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman. Then there where ones like Birds of Prey that took some very beautiful women, put them in costumes that make all us fanboys/fangirls fall in love with them, but forgot that this was a show that had characters we liked and wanted to do good with but only gave us barely one season of ugh.

I do have to admit though that I did enjoy watching the Flash, Lois and Clark, and Birds of Prey. In fact I own all the seasons of Lois and Clark and the complete one season of Birds of Prey on DVD. And though they were bad shows I got some enjoyment out of them. However, that was back in the 90's and early 2000's, a time before the reality shows took over forcing ratings of actual shows to have huge numbers or die before it can get started. In the market today of television shows, that show better be great or it won't go anywhere. But not only does it have to be great, if it's a comic based show it has to be one that actually is similar to the comics. Those executives, or maybe the ones that are the right hands of them, have learned that we fanboys/fangirls want our comics brought to life and if we don't get that then don't expect us to watch it. Though you can bet we will put our voices on all the many social media outlets we can get our fingers to typing on.

All that brings me to the newest and upcoming iteration of a comic to TV show, The Flash. Not the ones from the the 90's but it's the one the 90's was based off of. That's right Barry Allen, the Flash, will be played by Grant Gustin in a new CW show. This will be a spinoff from the other CW show, The Arrow. More and more news and rumors are coming out about this show, the news that I like the most are the photos that show him in costume, but this show will be on my list of must watched shows. It looks, I mean the costume, looks like that the executives and people making it want to have Flash look like he does in the comic but real. This costume is so cool that I want one so I can wear it at Dragoncon.

But the costume is not the only thing that has me excited about this show. It will have Barry Allen being a crime scene investigator that tries to get the superpowered crimes because his mother was killed by one. How does he get his powers? Well, not quite like the old where he has the chemicals spilled on him in a bolt of lightning, though that's cool, this version or at least the version that I've read about, is even more cool and actually sounds plausible (as far as this kind of thing goes). He will get his powers from an accident at S.T.A.R. Labs with the Particle Accelerator. That jus sounds like something that would actually happen (again in the comics).

Over in the Marvel Ultimate Universe there has been a big purple guy that likes to eat planets trying to finally get his grubby fingers on Earth. Galactus found himself at Earth 1610 (if you don't know he comes from the universe that holds Earth 616), and he wasn't too thrilled at first at being there. First off he didn't choose to be there, second it was not his universe, but he saw the potential of this universe. First potential being the horde in the universe known as Gah Lak Tus, billions of machines that wanted to consume everything. Being the hungry guy that he is, Galactus just ate the horde up and made them a part of himself becoming even more powerful.

Now he's in a new universe, has become really powerful, and he faces an Earth that has nowhere near the superheroes that he's used to. This Earth is ripe for the picking and he's decided that picking is not enough. Galactus gets right to eating the world, people are freaking, and the few heroes there have no idea what to do.
This seemed like such a great story and it was given some good hype. Leading up to these titles being released, which crossed over all the Ultimate titles, the hype was that it could be the end of the Ultimate Universe. If (and it has been used) this was done in the main Marvel books, the Earth 616 books, the core books, then I would dismiss it as what it is, hype to get people to buy the books. Marvel is really good at building up the hype of a story and then letting it fall at the end. Meaning that they will say the world/universe/every hero is on the edge of the end but those last two issues they have the heroes win out. In those comics, in that universe, I never expect anyone to die and if they do they don't stay dead for long (thank goodness this time cause it's Peter Parker) but in the Ultimate Universe that's different, so so very different.

In the past 14 years since the Ultimate Universe was first published there have a lot of deaths, some minor characters like Kaazar, Shana, Jimmy Hudson, and some major characters like Peter Parker, Wasp, Wolverine, Cyclops, Beast, Dazzler, Hank Pym, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange, Daredevil, Black Widow, Emma Frost, Magneto, and all of Asgard is just a few that have been killed off. Out of all those in the Ultimate Universe how many have returned? None, that I know of. When you die there you die for good. Compare, Peter Parker of Ultimate Universe died back in 2011 and he's since remained dead and the new Spider-Man still remains the new Spider-Man. Peter Parker of 616 “died” about 15 months ago, the Superior Spider-Man title came out January 2013, and here in a month Peter Parker will return. Now I won't complain about that, I will let it be known that in this instance (and others) I've ecstatic about the return of Peter Parker but that's not my point.

My point is that when the promotion for Cataclysm said that the Ultimate Universe might come to an end I really believed it. These are books that are known for wiping out characters and leaving the gone so I really expected everyone or nearly everyone to die in this story line. Instead they beat the threat of Galactus (pretty easily in fact), had a great version of evil Reed realize he was an evil ass, and other than some damage to the city everything is fine.

Fine enough that now a new set of books are going to be coming out that spawns from the outcome of Cataclysm. These are Ultimate FF, All-New Ultimates, and Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man. Out of those I don't get why they had to title the Spider-Man book Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man. Is it their way to make it similar to Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man? Maybe, if so that's actually kind of cool, but it don't feel that way. By leaving out the one word, “THE” and putting in the colon, it becomes more like them letting us know that Miles is Spider-Man not Peter Parker. As for the other titles, well, they've had so many different Ultimate books/titles that it would be surprising if they didn't have a new title for the a new team. Which also they have changed the team up some so that is also cool. Now the Ultimate FF I think comes from them giving us so much of Sue Storm and Ben Grimm in the Ultimate titles that it was only natural for a new FF team to start up.
By the way, I will be picking up all these titles, Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man I should already have a subscription to, but I'm looking forward to seeing where Marvel takes the books and I'm hoping they keep on the line of making it stand out from the core books.

Trillium, if you haven't read this book you really need to. It's about to end here soon, which I'm saddened that it is, but it has been one of my most liked new books that I've read. It's only going to be a 8 issue series, book #7 just came out, it was created by Jeff Lemire and published by Vertigo.

The plot takes place over the span of thousands of years, where one time frame is 1921 and the other 3797. In 1921 William finds some temples and in 3797 Nika enters those same temples and the two meet. Their worlds and lives are mixed up, they get confused, people are telling them they are crazy, and there's an alien race that I don't underestand what they are saying (read next paragraph). The book has great artwork, the story is just as great, and I love how they separate the stories in the book by flipping the pages.

(The Next Paragraph) Here's the rub of this book. The alien race, the ones with the language that I don't know what they are saying, the decipher was put in issue #7. I really want to go back to the previous 6 issues so I can decipher what was being said but I can't (well not easily). Those 6 books are now in different boxes where they have been mixed in with hundreds of other comes (more close to in the thousands) so that I can just go and pick them out easily. It would take effort and at the quickest a day of looking to find the right boxes with the issues so I can read what the aliens said. This should have been put in issue #2 or #3 at latest, not #7, one issue before the end and I'm guessing it was done on purpose so we would have the mystery of what was going on during the whole series, but still, ugh.

Kick-Ass 3, technically it's the fourth series for the characters since between Kick-Ass 2 and 3 there was the series Hit-Girl. So far this book continues to amaze me. Mark Miller is a great writer who knows how to keep a story that seems like it has no where else to go gives it that destination and makes it a fun one. In this new series, issue #6 was recently released, the book revolves around Hit-Girl being in prison, the heroes wanting to do good but slowly life is changing things, and the mob is about to return but worse then ever.

Issue #6 was amazing with the brutality in it, but it was also amazing with what was done with Hit-Girl. If this means anything I usually wait until all the issues are out before I read the book but with this series I've been reading and waiting, and it sticks, it's that intense.