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A list of the guests, what you can do, what's going on, and other fun stuff for Star Wars Celebration 2017

Are you going to attend the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando this April? I know I am and it’s been a long time wait for me to finally get to go but there are going to be a lot of events and people to see while there. Which will be the most important, what will be happening, who will be signing and who won’t, and what vendors will be there are only a few of the questions you should be asking yourself. I know it’s tough to decided, especially when this is such a huge convention and there will be so much going on that it will be impossible to do it all. 
First thing you will need to realize and must make a decision on is the lines. There will a lot of people at the convention, thousands, probably in the hundreds of thousands, and we all will be wanting the same thing. This is not Dragon Con where there are a lot of separate events and things going on that range in almost every interest where it thins out the amount of attendees going to the same thing. Nope, this is Star Wars and Star Wars only, that means instead of making a choice on going to a panel for Arrow or going to get autograph of someone that’s only there at the same time as the panel, this will be, I want to go to the panel for The Last Jedi. Nothing else, no or of ifs, just the panel. That means the line will be so very long and your only choice is do you want to stand in line for hours or risk not getting in by getting in line later and closer to the time the panel starts. This also is for all the booths where there are exclusives. Yes, those elusive exclusive figures, toys, clothes, and all sorts of things that will only have a limited number there and will mean you must get in line. 
There is going to be a lot choice making in which is more important and there will also be a lot of disappointment when you don’t get to do, see, or attend what you want while there. It’s life of the con and I hate it but must accept it. Such as getting the autograph of Felicity Jones, she was charging $200 for her autograph and considering I’m going on a very tight budget of about only $200 to spend, I would have been out all my money on just her. I won’t be getting her autograph and that does make me sad and upset that it was so much money, and even if I came up with the money at this point, it wouldn’t matter because she is only there one day and her tickets are sold out.
In the spirit of my fellow con goers and Star Wars fans, I am making this list of what has been posted that’s at Celebration. As I said above, the tickets for Felicity Jones autograph are sold out but there are some tickets left for the combo of autograph/photo op but look at the list below to see the price of that (also take a deep breath cause it might knock it out of you when you see it).
Alan Tudyk A: $65 P: $75 AP: $140
Angus MacInness A: $30 P: $40 AP: $70
Anthony Daniels A: $75 P: $75 AP: N/A
Billy Dee Williams A: $60 P: $70 AP: $130
Brian Herring A: $40 P: $50 AP: $90
Clive Revill A: $35 P: $45 AP: $80
Daniel Logan A: $30 P: $35 AP: $65
David Barclay A: $30 P: $40 AP: $70
Deep Roy A: $30 P: $40 AP: $70
Felicity Jones A: N/A P: $250 AP: $450 PHOTO OP WITH ALAN TUDYK: $300
Freddie Prinez Jr. A: $60 P: $70 AP: $130 
Garrick Hagon A: $35 P: $35 AP: $70
Ian McDiarmid A: $90 P: $100 AP: $190
Jeremy Bulloch A: $35 P: $45 AP: $80
Jimmy Vee A: $45 P: $55 AP: $100
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn A: $20 P: $30 AP: $50
***Mark Hamill A: $250 P: $200 **** UPDATE 3-29-17
Matthew Wood A: $35 P: $35 AP: $70
***Mike Quinn A: $30 P: $30 AP: $60 ****UPDATE 3-24-17
Paul Blake A: $40 P: $40 AP: $80
Peter Mayhew A: $60 P: $60 AP: $120
Ray Park A: $50 P: $40 AP: $90
Riz Ahmed A: $65 P: $65 AP: N/A
Sarah Michelle Geller A: $150 P: $150 AP: $300
Steve Blum A: $25 P: $35 AP: $60
Taylor Gray A: $35 P: $45 AP: $80
Tim Rose A: $40 P: $40 AP: $80
Vanessa Marshall A: $25 P: $35 AP: $60
Star Wars Celebration Art Show Talent Selected!
For this year's Star Wars Celebration, which comes to the Orange County Convention Center on April 13-16, more talented Star Wars artists than ever before were considered for inclusion in the Celebration Art Show, one of the event's most popular features. To qualify, artists must have previously created Star Wars artwork for Lucasfilm or for a Lucasfilm licensee. Though each was well-established and highly-regarded in the Star Wars community, a select number had to be chosen to keep the Art Show at Celebration a reasonable size.
To answer the challenge of selecting a limited number of artists from such a large, capable field, Lucasfilm's Celebration team brought together an A-list of Lucasfilm talent, including experts in Star Wars characters and continuity, to do the judging. While the competition was fierce, a final set of artists were selected to participate in the 2017 Celebration Art Show – a big congratulations to the following artists!!
Searching The Stars by Adrianna Vanderstelt
Adrianna Vanderstelt Alex Buechel
Alex Buechel Brad Hudson
Brad Hudson Brent Woodside
Brent Woodside Desert Palace by Brian DeGuire
Brian DeGuire Brian Miller
Brian Miller Brian Rood
Brian Rood Watchful Guardian by Chris Dee
Chris Dee Chris Reiff
Chris Reiff The Courier Intercepted by Chris Trevas
Chris Trevas Cryssy Cheung
Cryssy Cheung I Am No Jedi by Danny Haas
Danny Haas Defiance by Drew-Baker
Drew Baker Erik Maell
Erik Maell Scavenger Scrap by Jake Murray
Jake Murray Jason Palmer
Jason Palmer Bounty Hunters by Jason W. Christman
Jason W. Christman Jeff Carlisle NOT FINAL
Jeff Carlisle Arrival by Jerry Vanderstelt
Jerry Vanderstelt I Rebel by Joe Corroney
Joe Corroney Jango's Finest by Joe Hogan
Joe Hogan Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith Making Friends by Katie Cook
Katie Cook Built On Hope by Lee Kohse
Lee Kohse Lin Zy Busch
Lin Zy Busch Malcolm Tween
Malcolm Tween Matt Busch
Matt Busch Randy Martinez
Randy Martinez For Carrie by Russell Walks
Russel Walks Dark Legacy by Scott Harben
Scott Harben That's What Friends Are For by Stephen Hayford
Stephen Hayford For Luck by William O'Neill
William O'Neill
Calling All Collectors! A Celebration Track for the Bounty Hunters Among Us
Collecting Star Wars is a favorite hobby for some and an obsession for others. The Collecting Track at Star Wars Celebration Orlando will feature in-depth information on a variety of topics from mainstream to delightfully obscure. This year the Collecting Track will be made up of the Star Wars Collector's Stage and the Collectors' Social Room.
Star Wars Collectors' Stage, located in room W307, will feature panels by expert collectors from all around the world.
Star Wars Celebration pin traders are welcome in the Star Wars Collectors’ Social Room (W305) any time during opening hours to meet fellow collectors, talk Star Wars, and of course…trade pins! The Star Wars Collectors’ Social Room is open Thursday through Saturday, 10am-6pm, and Sunday from 10am-4pm.
Each Celebration, super-collector Gus Lopez and his team put together a great program, and an extra-special bonus for collectors. For every panel held throughout the Show on the Star Wars Collectors' Stage, each attendee (to the capacity of the room) will receive an exclusive Star Tot, created by the collectors for Star Wars Celebration Orlando.
Star Tots Images Revealed!
Inspired by The Return of the Jedi, a different Star Tot will be given out to attendees at each of the collecting track panels all weekend.
Star Wars Celebration Cosplay Contest
Have you spent the past year perfecting your Ahsoka Tano makeup? Or have you instead put this time into making certain your Kylo Ren lightsaber can ::spoiler alert::? Either way, Star Wars costumers both veteran and amateur are invited to join in an exciting Cosplay Contest on stage at Star Wars Celebration Orlando! It is more than just a competition – it's a celebration of all things cosplay with fans who want to share their craft with the world.
The cosplay contest will be take place on Saturday, April 15 in the mid afternoon or later. Participation in the cosplay contest is free, but all participants must have a valid entry badge for that day of Celebration  in order to compete. The exact time of the Cosplay Competition will be announced later.
Join us for what is sure to be a fun-filled competition celebrating the talent, skill and determination of the best cosplayers around.
How it works
All entries must represent a character or element from the Star Wars universe.
Each entrant will submit an application to be reviewed by the SWCO team.  Entrants may only enter one costume into the competition.
Submissions will CLOSED on Friday, March 3, 2017 at 11:59PM EST.
Diorama Builders
From its humble beginnings at Celebration II in 2002, who would have guessed a LIVE build of Mos Eisley started one of the longest Celebration features. 2017 marks the 15th anniversary of Frank D'iorio's Diorama Workshop and Star Wars Celebration partnership.
After more than a decade working together to create the best Star Wars diorama experience for the fans, D’iorio and the Core Crew of 6 are more like family now. D'iorio and company return to Celebration Orlando with a new challenge: Recreating the iconic ILM Death Star surface used to film the New Hope climax VFX shots from the film. For their 15th year at Celebration, it also introduces a new partnership with Mattel that will allow builders to race (and win) Hot Wheels Car Ships down the 32 foot long, 6 lane Death Star Trench Run. It will truly be a unique and memorable fan experience!
Pictured is the Core Crew: Jamie Follis, Duke Dolney, Chris Jones, Mark Patton, Scott Strong and Alissa L. Pier  
Don’t miss TOYHUTT.COM who is giving over $2,000 worth of prizes to the kids, when they hand in their finished creation via our Death Star PLINKO game.
Make sure to visit Frank's D'iorio's DioramaWorkshop.Com to keep up with all the latest news from the Diorama builders.
Guests attending Star Wars Celebration in Orlando will get an opportunity to hear what’s new on the Star Wars gaming front from Electronic Arts (EA), and will also be able to play Star Wars mobile games right on the show floor!
As the creators of Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, and Star Wars: The Old Republic, Star Wars fans are well aware of EA’s blockbuster contributions to the world of Star Wars gaming. You won’t want to miss what’s in store from the acclaimed games publisher.
Fans of mobile games will also have the opportunity to get hands on with popular mobile game titles, including Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Star Wars: Pinball, and Star Wars: Force Collection – but will want to pull themselves away from the floor for a bit to join a special off-site Star Wars: The Old Republic Cantina Community event, featuring talks with the developers and an opportunity to meet the game's designers.
Nerd Nite Speed Dating:
Star Wars Celebration Orlando Edition
Nerd Nite Speed Dating: Star Wars Celebration Orlando Edition
The smart-yet-fun folks of Nerd Nite are bringing Speed Dating back to Star Wars Celebration! Register online for one of our special Celebration sessions of 15 three-minute dates so you’ll no longer have to look for love in a galaxy far far away. Choose from one of six hetero speed dating sessions or one for LGBT. If the Rebels can blow up the Death Star in 11 minutes, let’s see if you can make a love connection in only three.
There’s a history of successful Speed Dating at Star Wars Celebrations, with long-term couples, engagements and marriages now among the alumni.
Advanced online registration is required (walk-ups will be based on availability). Costumes welcome. Must be 18 years of age or older. Must have a valid Star Wars Celebration Orlando badge for the day you sign-up for speed dating. The location for speed dating will be provided closer to the show.
Star Wars Celebration Pin Trading Program
Welcome to the 2017 Star Wars Celebration Pin Trading Program. This years' pin set feature 40 unique Star Wars characters pins – one pin for each year of Star Wars history – with art by Derek Laufman.
SWC Pin Trading LogoFans can purchase select collectible Pins directly at the Celebration Store, and other Pins will be available from select Star Wars Celebration Orlando Exhibitors and Staff members. But if you're a badge-holder, you don't have to wait until Star Wars Celebration Orlando to get started with Pin Trading. Select pins will be available on the Road to Celebration page. Make sure to refer to the Pin Trading rules below, so you know how you can begin Pin Trading. Also check out the pin images below; more pins will be revealed in the weeks leading up Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017.
Also check out the full list of pins that will be revealed during Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017.
Show Store Pins: These pins will available either in Sets or Blind Packs in our Show Store during the Show.
Exhibitor Exclusive Pins: Select Exhibitors will have these Pins available at their Booths on the Show Floor.
Staff Exclusive Pins: These Pins are only able to be obtained by trading with a Staff member.
Road to Celebration Exclusive Pins: These Pins are exclusive to the Road to Celebration, online to badge-holder before the show.
The 2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando Pin Collection (I’m not going to post all the photos for these, one reason is there are a lot that has no image for it yet, and another is that because all that have no images will be getting updated and I won’t know when they will. However, you can check out the list and all that get updated by going to the site here.. http://www.starwarscelebration.com/Events/Events-R-Z/Star-Wars-Celebrati... )
(Road to Celebration Exclusive)R2-D2R2-D2
(Road to Celebration Exclusive)Coming soonLuke
(Road to Celebration Exclusive) 
Coming soonYoda
(Road to Celebration Exclusive)Coming soonAdmiral Ackbar 
(Road to Celebration Exclusive)
Coming soonLando Calrissian
(Road to Celebration Exclusive)
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
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Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
Coming soonComing soon
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Coming soonComing soon
Star Wars Celebration Pin Trading Rules, Etiquette and FAQ
Where do I get my Official Star Wars Celebration Pin Trading Pins?
Many pins are available for sale in the Official Star Wars Celebration Show Store.
Select "sponsor pins" will also be available on the Show floor at certain Exhibitors Booths – just look for the signs at the Show! The Star Wars Celebration Pin Trading logo will indicate which Booths have official pins available.
Additionally, pins can be obtained through trading with other Fans displaying a lanyard with pins on it. We encourage trading, but not buying!
Some pins can only be acquired by trading with a Celebration Staff member.
A few select pins were only offered to ticket holders prior to the show – but Eagle-eyed traders may be able to spot these pins available for trading on the show floor.
How do I trade for pins?
Pins must be traded one-for-one, one pin at a time. Please ensure that pin backs are attached for a safe pin trading experience.
Monies, gifts or receipts may not be exchanged or used in trade for a pin.
Pins should be in good, undamaged, tradable condition.
Pins can be traded in the designated Pin Trading area in the Official Star Wars Celebration Show store, or anywhere on the floor! If you see someone with a pin that you want to trade for, just ask! But be sure to be considerate and polite.
Please refrain from touching staff member or other fan pins or lanyards. If you need a closer look, kindly ask the individual wearing the lanyard if she or he can bring it into clearer view for you.
You may trade as many pins as you want with another Fan.
You may only trade two (2) pins with a Staff member per day. You may trade with as many Staff members per day as you wish.
Staff members cannot decline to trade with you – if they have a pin on their lanyard that you want to trade for, they will make the trade -- but fans can decline.
Fans can trade among other Fans at their own discretion, but Staff members will only trade for 2017 year pins.
Please be respectful!
What are the Star Wars Celebration pin trading pins? And how rare are they?
All Star Wars Celebration pins from all years are limited edition and exclusive to Star Wars Celebration. All pins designated as "Staff only" are only available to you by trading with a Staff member.
There are a total of 40 unique pins in the Star Wars Celebration pin trading collection – one for each year since Star Wars first debuted in 1977! The 2017 Pin collection was designed by artist Derek Laufman.
Though the pins are not numbered, they are available in limited supply – they will only be made available throughout Star Wars Celebration. Because of the exclusivity, you may only purchase 2 of each style pin (or set of pins) per transaction, with the exception of the Blind Packs, for which you can purchase 5 per transaction.
You can locate Exhibitor Exclusives pins by looking for the signs at their booth while at the show. The Star Wars Celebration Pin Trading logo will indicate which booths have official pins available.
Edition sizes will not be released, but some pins are rarer than others. Keep your eyes peeled for those rare pins!
The most important thing is to remember is to have fun.
Good luck and happy trading!
The Celebration Podcast Stage
Applications are closed.
Selected applicants notified: March 15, 2017.
With many good Star Wars podcasts on the air, and so much great Star Wars news at Celebration, we're bringing back the Celebration Podcast Stage.
The stage will be located at a permanent space for the duration of the show, with a small stage and room for an audience. Interested podcasters can send in their applications starting now. Podcasts will be chosen based on a number of factors, and those accepted will be put in a lottery to determine their time on stage.
R2 Builders
The R2 Builders will display over 130 completed droids at Celebration Orlando with a sound and light show on the hour for the weekend in the Droid Builders room (W205).  As a special treat for this year’s Celebration, the R2 Builders will debut the Droid Smash Derby.
Droid Smash Derby
Exclusively for Celebration Orlando, the R2 Builders have put together 12 MSE droids for fans to race on the Show Floor. Think Battlebots meets Phantom Menace Pod racing. Races will occur every two hours throughout the weekend with the winners receiving a custom medal or trophy to rub in Sebulba’s smug face.
Tattoo Pavilion
Your Own Force in the Flesh
Get your ink on, in the Star Wars Tattoo Pavilion at Celebration
At the Star Wars Tattoo pavilion at Celebration Orlando, some of the best tattoo artists in the world will perform their craft live at the show, all weekend long. Sign up in advance for an appointment with the artists, or stop by the pavilion to book your time for the ultimate Star Wars souvenir! Whether you already have a Star Wars tattoo, or get a new one at the show, you can sign up for the Star Wars Celebration Tattoo Competition.
To reserve a tattoo appointment at Celebration in advance of the show, look for the list of artists to be posted soon, here on www.starwarscelebration.com. Many will have links to their websites, where you will be able to book an appointment. To receive a tattoo and/or compete in the Star Wars Celebration Tattoo Show, you must have a valid ticket to Celebration. Get your tickets now!
The Star Wars Tattoo Pavilion at Celebration is organized and hosted by Marc Draven and Shane Turgeon.
That’s it for now, but I will update as much as I can as soon as I find out about so stay tuned and keep watching the site.