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By Lee Roberts

Raleigh Supercon July 14-16 2017

It’s hard to believe that it’s already mid July. What does that mean?

Conventions are in full swing for Summer and there are a lot of exciting ones getting ready to happen.

The first of the cons will be starting this weekend, tomorrow in fact on July 14th in Raleigh NC. This is the Raleigh Supercon at the Raleigh Convention Center. This is one that I’m really excited about because of one person showing up, Tara Strong.

Just because I’m most excited about one person appearing at the Raleigh Supercon, that don’t mean that it’s going to be a con with few people. Quite opposite in fact. This con will be having not a few but a bunch of current and well know celebrities showing up. People like Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston of Doctor Who, John Wesley Shipp of the Flash (both 90’s and current shows), Lee Majors, Michael Rooker, a bunch of the Power Rangers, wrestlers, and many others.

Did I mention Tara Strong? One of the voices of Harley Quinn, Raven, Bubbles, and like a billion other voices. This woman is the queen of voices and has such immense talent that I will be making a 6 hour round trip drive, spending money I don’t have, and it’s all because I just want to say hi and get her autograph. If you can’t tell, I’m a fan.

But that’s what this convention and all conventions are for, the fans to meet the people they are fans of, that and to get new stuff. There’s also the panels, the events, the cosplay, the art, and just the fun atmosphere that comes along with going to a con. I might only get one day at this 3 day convention but I’m looking forward to it.