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By Lee Roberts

New York Comic Con 2017 News and Exclusives

It’s time for the New York Comic Con! It’s now in its second day at NYC where all sorts of cool and fun things will be happening. Commonly known as NYCC, it’s the near end of year big con that brings us fans the latest in the coming year news and new exclusives.

Speaking of exclusives. If you are a Funko fan then you need to know that the NYCC exclusives are out. If you can’t make it out to the con then you need to go to the stores as soon as possible to find out what’s left. I know for a fact that the Black Chrome Batman that was a Barnes and Noble shared exclusive is gone. If you want it now and you can’t get it at the con or have a friend that got one for you, then the only place left is ebay and be prepared to see 3 figure prices on it.

If you are like me and many others who tried to get it online on the B&N website, odds are you didn’t. Also, odds are you are probably being charged multiple times for a purchase you didn’t even get. From what I’ve been told, if you did not get a confirmation email from B&N saying the order was placed, then you will NOT be getting the Pop. It doesn’t matter that you are being charged or that paypal took the money, no B&N email confirmation, no Batman.

I spent nearly 3 hours yesterday morning (Oct 5), trying to get the problem resolved on my money. I first called my bank who told me to call B&N. I then got online to do the live chat while I called and had the phone on speaker waiting for the next representative to help me. It took a half hour of waiting online to get the chat help and after half hour of talking to that guy, I was told that they were working on the site, to call back in 24 hours to see if it’s been fixed, and to basically just wait and see. I also used the text to get help option and after hours, yes I sent the text one around 4am but didn’t get a response until 9am, I was told the same thing. Sorry for the inconvenience there’s nothing that can be done but wait. And finally around 10am I got through on the phone and guess what, I was told the same for the third time, sorry nothing can be done, just wait.

My advice from this, when using Barnes and Noble, only try once, twice at the most if you don’t mind the 2 charges, and hope for the best. I don’t understand why they will charge you for item if the order was never placed but that’s what they do.

At any rate, if you want to get it in the store, the Chrome Batman was gone minutes after opening, there were a few of the others Pops left throughout the different stores by evening Thursday, but I wouldn’t risk waiting until Saturday to go looking, unless you can’t go until then and if so maybe get a friend to go.

Those are not the only exclusives to be had at the con. Just to list a few, because to list all that I can find and then the many I won’t know about until after the con is over, it would take too long and too much space to list all that. Instead here are some cool ones I found.

There’s the “New York Comic Con Edition” Lois Lane by Cryptozoic. If you want this there are only 300 made.

1999 Galaxy Quest Premiere Bouncing Galaxy Ball. These were given out during the movie premiere back in 1999 so don’t expect many to be available to hand out. Stop by booth 3108 to see if they have some.

Comicxposure will have a 7 connecting cover set for the Marvel Legacy story. This is a $50 set at booth 2444.

Here is a very, very, limited and very cool exclusive, the 74-Z Speeder Bike Litho print. There are only 20 total prints being sold. Each day there will be 5 available so as of writing this, there are now only 15 left. My advice, is if you have the time, get in line as early as you can and get to booth E16 first thing.

Another very limited Star Wars items is the Bandai Hobby Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon at only 30 pieces. Get to booth 1612 to get your Falcon.

I would be doing a poor job if I didn’t list at least one Harley Quinn exclusive here and it’s the 11X17 print. Another very limited exclusive with only 40 of these available at booth B28. (if you want to be really nice and get me an early Christmas gift, hint hint)

So, now with some news from the con. First up is that Keanu Reeves had a panel where he said that there is a script being worked on for the Bill and Ted movie. What he said, this not a quote but close, is that the movie would be set where Bill and Ted still hadn’t wrote the song that would lead to the peaceful world from the original movies and the future is now telling them to get to work.

DC talked about their plans in 2018 for their Milestone series. It’s a total reboot for Milestone where it will be set in a universe known as Earth M. Look for characters like Icon and Rocket to be in Milestone as well as fan favorite Static Shock.

Over at Marvel, they announced that there will be a Weapon H title coming out in 2018. Don’t know who Weapon H is? That’s the Wolverine/Hulk hybrid that debuted in the Weapon X/Totally Awesome Hulk crossover story, “Weapons of Mutant Destruction”.

Alright, well, there’s so much more to come from NYCC that I will have to pace myself. It don’t seem like I talked about much here but it takes a little while to read through transcripts of panels, search pages and pages of sites, and watching social media just to get one thing confirmed. So look for more as days pass.