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By Lee Roberts

How Regal Cinemas Want to Not Give People a Funko Pop but Still Have Them Pay for 2 3D Tickets for It.

With each passing day Funko Pops! are getting more popular. So many stores carry them, a lot of stores have their own exclusive version of some of them, and now they are being used as promotions. Once such promotion is being done by Regal Cinemas for the upcoming movie, “Justice League”.  Here is the exact promotion description straight from the Regal Cinemas website. https://www.regmovies.com/promotions/justice-league-funko?utm_source=website&utm_campaign=Justice+League+Funko+Pop+Hero


Starting November 16, 2017, receive an exclusive The Flash Funko Popfigurine when you purchase two RealD 3D tickets to Justice League.

Exclusively at Participating Regal Locations.

While Supplies Last.”

This does nothing to explain how this is going to be handled. Let me list why this is confusing people.

1)      Do you have to buy the 2 tickets for the same showing?

2)      Can you buy 1 ticket for Thursday night and 1 for Saturday night?

3)      Do you have to buy the 2 tickets for a specific time and only that time?

4)      If you preorder the tickets now online do they still count for the promo?

5)      Do you have to go to the theater to buy the tickets on the day of the showing or can you preorder them at the theater and that still count as if you have to buy at theater?

6)      How many will the theater get?

7)      If you do get the tickets (however they are supposed to be gotten), can you show up before the time of the movie to get the Pop or do you have to wait until they start seating for the movie?

8)      If you have to wait until they start seating then will a line be formed so they can hand out the Pop?

9)      If they are waiting until the time of the first showing, say 6PM, then when will they be handed out? Will it be an hour before the time of the movie?

10)   Where will they be handed out at? At the ticket booth, at the door, at the guy who looks at your ticket, in line, or in the theater room?

11)   If they are handed out at the ticket window, then when that time comes to hand them out with the sales of the tickets, then what time is that and when can the line form for it?

12)   Who will get the Pop if 2 tickets are sold but you only get 1 and both people want it?

These are questions that most of the people who want this Pop are asking and right now we are not getting any answers. I’ve seen different answers that make it even more confusing. Some say you must wait until the day of and get at the theater, no preorder. Some say preorders count. Some say it’s for the showings on the 16th only while some say it’s any 2 tickets regardless of the days. Some say you must buy 2 for the same showing while some say it’s for the 16th only but can be at different times on the 16th. Then there are some saying that you can be given the Pop on the 16th at opening time while some say no it’s going to be given at a certain time right before showing. I’ve also been told that the amount the theater will be getting will depend on the location. So the bigger the location the more they get but the smaller ones won’t get as many. I’ve been told one theater, by a theater worker, that they are only getting 10 of them and that theater is a pretty good market. I’ve also seen a posting that showed a letter saying that the theaters will get a total of 60.

I’m saying it right now; Regal Cinemas will have a lot of angry people and it wouldn’t surprise me any that they start losing business because of this.

First off, they are forcing people to spend a lot of money on 2 tickets. If you have a family or are married where you are buying 2 tickets, ok that is fine, still expensive if you were planning on getting the standard ticket. But, what if you are single? If Regal sets the promo for only 1 showing or just for the 16th, then what if you’re single and don’t have a second person to go with you for that time? Now you must buy 2 tickets while 1 ticket goes to waste. Or what if you want to take a friend or a boyfriend/girlfriend and the both of you want the Pop? Who gets it? You only get 1 Pop for the 2 tickets but 2 people are going.

Then there comes the amount they will be getting. Nothing has been confirmed but from what I was told and what I’m reading, it’s not many. If you are like me where you are on a budget that don’t allow for spending over $30 for 2 tickets then you will have to bring someone that will buy the other ticket or if you can’t do that then maybe you make sacrifices so you can buy both tickets. Then you find out that the theater only got 10 or 20 of them and you where number 11 or 21 in line or even number 121 in line. Now you spent more money then you have or wanted to spend on a ticket that you can’t use to get an exclusive item that the company that’s forcing you to follow all these rules and spend all that money didn’t even have enough to supply to the ticket holders.

Putting in first come, first served, as a way not to be held accountable when not everyone gets a Pop but that’s not enough when Regal will only be getting 10 to 60 of them for a theater that hold 300+ people.

I understand that Regal won’t be suppling enough for the whole weekend of every showing, or even every showing on opening night. However, if Regal is going to force people to buy 2 of the more expensive tickets and then have rules saying you can only get it at a certain time or they are only for one showing, then they should supply enough for all those tickets. If the theater holds 300 people that means Regal needs 150 of the Pops, not 10 to 60.

This is serious business for the people who collect them and a lot of money can be made from them. Right now, this same Pop was sold overseas already but the only way to get it is to either know someone overseas to get it for you or on eBay. The prices on eBay are around $50 to $100 for this Pop. Yes, the price shows around $30 for it but then shipping is another $15-$25 on them.

I bring this up because there will be people that will buy 4 or more tickets then will get in line to get them before anyone else and turn around to sell on eBay for a lot of money. That means if the theater only gets 10 of the Pops and one person buys 10 tickets, then that person gets 5 of the 10. Well, what if that person brought a friend or just by chance the next person behind that one bought 6 tickets? Now 8 of the 10 Pops are gone already to only 2 people while the next 300 people are waiting to get theirs but guess what only 1 or 2 people will get them.

This promotion is going to get a lot of people angry at Regal for how they handle the Pops. Now, if Regal is just going to shrug and believes that nothing will come of this, even if they do anger thousands of people, then they are wrong. Being a part of the Funko Pop! collecting community, I know that there are people that now refuse to shop at certain stores because of how the stores messed up the sales of the Pop. There are also people petitioning Funko to stop giving companies the rights to have exclusives. With enough voices, and it’s getting there quickly, Funko will end up being forced to stop the exclusives. Funko is now a billion-dollar company, do you really believe that if they discover people are not buying their products to the point of losing money that they won’t take steps to fix it?

Let’s say that Funko don’t take the steps to fix it, such as not allowing Regal to have the exclusives anymore, but the damage will be done. People will not go to Regal when they know it will be a waste of time and money to do it. I’ll use myself as an example. I bought a ticket for Thursday and one for Saturday for the Justice League. After discovering that not only will there be very few of the Pops but it might only be for that first showing on Thursday, the one I can’t make it to, I will be getting a refund on both tickets I preordered and I will be going to a different theater to watch the same movie for $5 and take my chances on getting the Pop online for either the same $38 that I spent on the 2 tickets or for a little more than that. Considering I must drive 15 miles out of my way where I will end up using around $5 worth of gas in my car (yes not Regals fault for me having a gas guzzler but I still have to drive it versus going to closer theater), and have to race to get there, is it really worth it if I now know that the likelihood of me getting on is about the same chances as me winning the Powerball lottery?

No, it’s not worth it and I won’t be spending my money on going there. Not only that but now the odds of me doing this in the future for other promotions like it won’t be done by me either.

Also, Warner Brothers and DC Comics better realize that this might also influence people on seeing the Justice League movie at all and/or not enjoying it when they do. I know there are a lot of people that are saying they will now see Justice League ONLY because of the Pop. But if they don’t get the Pop or they realize that it’s going to be pointless to go when they won’t get it, then no tickets will be sold to them. Also, if those same people that didn’t want to see it in the theater but do because they wanted the Pop end up not getting one, do you really think they are going to be sitting in the theater happy and enjoying themselves?

Probably not. They will be sitting there upset over not having the Pop, upset that they spent so much money when they didn’t want to, and odds are they won’t spend any extra money getting food, drinks, or snacks because they spent so much money on getting 2 3D tickets to a movie they originally didn’t want to go to so they could get a Pop that they didn’t have a chance of getting because Regal only supplied enough for enough people to count on your hands. That might also mean that when the Blue Ray comes out those people also might not buy it because they remember what was done to them. Also, if the movie is lack luster or just mildly decent, then the upset, angered mood the cheated out of people are in will influence them into not liking the movie as much as they would have if they were happy with their new exclusive Pop and so when they give reviews or talk about the movie to others that might be on the fence in going to watch it, it won’t be a good review. Now the people who wasn’t looking to get the Pop but also was skeptical about going to the movie will now have another reason not to go and that means less money.

This is icy ground that Regal is walking on and they seem to be gearing up to walk on it with shoes made of metal while starting at a running speed. I hope they might not end up doing what they are really looking like they are going to be doing but either way they’ve already started to lose money over this and are getting people very upset with the company.