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By Lee Roberts


I love Dragon Con. I go every year (knock on wood) and every year it's like my first year. I know what will be there but as soon as I walk in there's always suprises for me in store. Who will I see, what will I do, and how did I get on this elevator so fast? The amount of guests that show up is always amazing but I'm more blown away each year with the talented fans that come in their cosplay costumes. Ranging from making a store bought one look good to some that's been worked on for years to make it look better than what's seen in movies/television/games. There's always a story that will come out of the con but instead of me telling you in words, let me you show you in some photos what Dragon Con is like.

Packing, learn how to pack great. I mean where you have a box that holds 10 and you fit 28. If there's space then use it.

Get to the hotel early because once in full swing not only will the staff be busy, the drive up full, but there will be thousands of people walking.

Another spot to hit early, the badge line. If you can get there before Friday and especially Saturday, do so. This line, well, no line here, is only this way because I got there early Thursday.

Every year the pass has an awesome image on it.

I hope you don't mind closeness.

And when I say closeness you better be ready to not move when it comes to the parade.

And if you want to see someone like Stan Lee at a panel, well, there's a lot of others who do also but it's so worth it. Going to panels not only allow you to get a breather and a seat, but there's the actual panel. Stan Lee was amazing, funny, and full of wealth. According to Stan Lee, if you spell comic books, there is no space. He said it's spelled, comicbooks. So, that's what he says I should do it.

I would have liked to been closer but this was as close as I got.

At least at the panel.

If you want to get some great photos of people in costume, then there is the photo shoots that happen outside.

There's all sorts of costumes.

Classic toon meeing modern day.

The creepy.