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Twilight Thursdays! Vol. 2, Issue 10

 Bits of Breaking Dawn

UPDATED: We now have a sneak peek at Bella's wedding gown and how KStew might look as a vampire. {Moviefone}
This artwork should look slightly familiar as it was created by Young Kim, the illustrator of the Twilight Graphic Novels. This illustration appears in The Twilight Saga: Official Illustrated Guide which will be released on April 12th & is now available for pre-order for $13.74
Did you see the leaked pics from Breaking Dawn?? I was able to find a couple pictures from the high anticipated love scene posted on Starpulse.  Most were taken down by Summit so quickly and thoroughly it was nearly impossible to Google!
Dear Twilight Saga fans,
As some of you may know, pictures and screen grabs of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn as a work in progress have leaked on the internet. We are extremely proud of this film and also extremely heartbroken to see it out there at this stage.
The film and these images are not yet ready or in their proper context. They were illegally obtained and their early dissemination is deeply upsetting to the actors, the filmmakers and Summit who are working so hard to bring these movies to fruition to you in November 2011 and November 2012.
Please, for those who are posting, stop. And please, though the temptation is high, don’t view or pass on these images. Wait for the film in its beautiful, finished entirety to thrill you.
Stephenie Meyer, Bill Condon, Wyck Godfrey and Summit Entertainment
ClevverTV has the break down of what went down and what was leaked.
Rob addresses the Breaking Dawn photo leak with MTV
“It’s just ridiculous. I literally can’t believe that it happened,” Pattinson said regarding the photos, which show his character, Edward, and Bella (Kristen Stewart) on their honeymoon and Bella going through what appears to be her vampire transformation.
Pattinson, who said he wanted to speak to us about the leaked pictures “because MTV seemed like the right place to do it,” immediately asked for help from the series’ most hard-core — and equally ticked-off — fans.
“I want the ‘Twilight’ troops to mobilize, all the good fans, and find out who these little sh–s are and just hack into their computers and destroy them,” RPattz said with a laugh, later adding, “I’m being genuinely serious, ‘Twilight’ fans … Punish them.”
In fact, the 24-year-old star — who is promoting his latest flick, the period drama “Water for Elephants” — then asked Twihards to do him another favor while they are bringing down the culprits: “Find out who hacked into my e-mail address, too, and destroy them,” he urged.
It wasn’t just the content of the leaked images that bothered Pattinson so much — “It’s raw footage: It’s not even what people are going to see,” he noted — but the intention behind it. “Why do this maliciously? You’re not a fan. You’re just a di–,” he said, once again with a laugh, adding,”That’s all there is to it.
“I’d understand it more if they sold the stuff,” he continued, referring to those who pulled the online stunt. “But, it’s like, ‘Oh, you just want to be annoying?’ ” At one point, with an exasperated sigh, the actor called the people responsible for the leaks “idiots.”
Pattinson also said he was angry on behalf of all of those who are currently working on the final two installments of the wildly popular saga, saying the leaks are frustrating “especially when you’ve been working on something for eight months.” “It’s an exciting movie, and everything is so different, and a lot of people have worked really, really hard.” {MTV}
On a lighter note, they asked him
How’s the vampire sex?
See the rest of the interview here.
TwiCrackAddict theorizes it might have something to do with the MTV Movie Awards.
Jamie Campbell Bower talks Breaking Dawn
TWILIGHT's new vampire Angela Sarafyan rocking Pinup Couture in her exclusive interview with Troix Magazine! Be sure to check out her spread in the April issue out April 11th {Pinup Girl Clothing}
TwiFUN Time
According to the Live With Regis & Kelly website Robert Pattinson will be on Monday, April 18th. Check your local listings! {Thinking of Rob}
A couple of days later, Rob will grace your afternoon TV. He is scheduled to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on April 20th. {RPLife}
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Rob & Reese Witherspoon presented at the ACMAs last week

From that same set of MTV interviews, Rob discusses his Christopher Walken impression
Jamie Campbell Bower tries his hand at Harry Potter & Twilight Trivia
Rob learns of the Jumping Rob meme
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Check out these pictures from the Water for Elephants promo tour. More video & pictures at the source & source
Check out this hilarious take on vampire movies, “Grampires
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