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By Maria Jackson

Twilight Thursdays! Vol. 3, Issue 3

It's been a long time. I shouldn't have left you without some Breaking Dawn to squee to. But honest, there really wasn't anything out there! Even the major fan sites started to cover Snow & The Huntsman, Cosmopolis, and other Twistars non-Twilight projects. Which, is all far and good, but let's be real; WE ARE HERE FOR TWILIGHT!

Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 is only five months away (!) and it looks like the press for press is begining to take off. Entertainment Weekly has long been bossom buddies with the Twilight films, so it's only natural that they're the first to publish these amazing stills from the new movie.

I know these are the Brazilian vampires who are suppsoed to be sort of wild,but I really do not  understand the costuming choice here. People in Brazil wear modern clothing too. Please believe, with bangs like that, she's got some Levi's in her closet too. However, I am loving Bella's new look! Strong, confident, sexy & fierce; her transformation is evident through her presntation. She's not the same old Bella!

{Breaking Dawn Movie}