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Happy Hunger Games! Vol. 1, Issue 23

Earlier this week our blondie-bear Josh Hutcherson (Peeta Mellark) called into On Air With Ryan Seacrest to chat about his recent projects and upcoming events (listen below!). Naturally, this included some Catching Fire dish; specifically about the nature of Peeta & Katniss’ relationship in CF. Hutcherson also talked about how fans can win the chance to hangout with him as a VIP at  2nd Annual celebrity basketball game by recording a YouTube video for his organization Straight But Not Narrow.


The VIP winnings are:

  • You and a friend will hang with Josh during the Nike Basketball 3ON3 Tournament in Los Angeles on August 9th

  • Film a YouTube PSA video with Josh on behalf of Straight But Not Narrow (SBNN)

  • Flight to Los Angeles and hotel included for two


Enter by visiting to make a donation to SBNN by July 26, 2013. You can get one entry for $10, five entries at $8 each, or ten entries at $7 each. The details of this contest can be found (


Hutcherson on CF:

“I think on this movie, the story kind of opens up a lot. There’s a lot more interesting plots that start to develop and everything kind of thickens and we sort of just up the overall feel of the movie. I mean, we kept the same idea of the first with the whole world. But we just kind of bumped it up a little and made it a little more immersive, but it’s really great. [And] we stayed true to the book as always.”

“I can’t divulge any kind of plot details, but it’s up and down. Katniss and Peeta’s relationship is very complicated. It has a lot of little things that have to be worked out, but it’s good. People, I think, will be very satisfied with it.”


Capitol Couture’s Spring Issue, Issue One: Chroma Nouveau,  features a spotlight on Cinna; “the man who set the girl on fire”, including a still of everyone’s favorite fashion man.


After the unprecedented dual victory of Katniss and Peeta, he has become the Capitol’s most sought after designer; his iconic “girl on fire” dress quickly making him a household name.  In fact, many of the Capitol’s fashion elite wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anyone else these days.


And what surprising inspiration does Cinna credit for that fiery creation?  The coal mines of Katniss’s District 12: “What do we do with coal?” he asks.  “We burn it.”

As the entire Capitol, and the more fashionable District citizenry, awaits his next move with baited breath, the fashion phenom is playing things close to his fabulously dressed chest. When asked what’s in store for the newly-minted style guru, Cinna’s been known to simply shrug and smile coyly – silently reassuring us that whatever it is will leave us awestruck. Until then, keep twirling…( to see the full spotlight feature)


What to know how you can see The Hunger Games on the big screen while supporting community charities at the same time? You’re in luck!


As part of AMC Theaters Summer Nights Program which brings some of the biggest movies of the last year back to theaters, you can catch The Hunger Games from July 15th-17th at 10:00 PM for just $3, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Will Rogers Institute, the Autism Society of America and Autism Speaks.

More than 200 AMC locations nationwide are participating – to find a theater near you and to purchase tickets, visit

Get the full details on the program in the press release after the jump.

New AMC Theatres® Summer Nights Program to Benefit Will Rogers Institute, Autism Organizations

AMC offers movie-goers another opportunity to see the biggest recent blockbusters on the big screen and support medical charities

KANSAS CITY, Mo.–AMC Theatres® is proud to announce the launch the AMC Summer Nights program, which will offer some of the past year’s biggest movies for just $3, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Will Rogers Institute, the Autism Society of America and Autism Speaks.

Starting June 24 and throughout this eight-week program, AMC guests can see the following blockbusters for $3 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 10 p.m., at more than 200 AMC locations nationwide:








Aug. 12-14: OBLIVION

“AMC Summer Nights combines three things movie-goers love: big movies on the big screen, community support, and exceptional value,” said Elizabeth Frank, executive vice president and chief content and programming officer, AMC. “We have eight weeks of blockbusters lined up for our guests, so they can afford and enjoy extra movie-going with their friends. Together, we anticipate raising significant funds for the Will Rogers Institute and our autism organization partners.”

The Will Rogers Institute is a national organization committed to reducing disability and deaths caused by pulmonary illness through the funding of advanced medical research. The money AMC raises will fund cystic fibrosis research underway at Kansas City, Mo.-based Children’s Mercy Hospital, in addition to other hospital grants.

“The AMC Summer Nights program will enable Will Rogers Institute to sustain critically needed medical research funding,” said Todd Vradenburg, executive director of Will Rogers Institute. “Will Rogers Institute programs have been supported by movie-goers since 1936 and we are grateful that AMC continues an entertainment industry tradition to fight pulmonary disease. We sincerely thank AMC and the people who attend movies at their theatres.”

AMC Summer Nights will also fund medical research through Autism Speaks and improve access to services and support through the Autism Society, expanding the company’s commitment to helping people living with autism. AMC operates a monthly film series, AMC Sensory Friendly Films, in partnership with the Autism Society, and also administers AMC FOCUS, a program which provides individuals affected by disabilities with access to opportunities for competitive employment.

“The Autism Society is proud to continue our work with AMC Theatres on both Sensory Friendly Films and their FOCUS program,” said Scott Badesch, president and CEO of the Autism Society. “We are grateful for their work on key issues, particularly meaningful employment for those affected by a disability. AMC’s leadership and generosity should serve as an example to the business community. The Autism Society’s participation in the AMC Summer Nights program will help us continue the important work of supporting families and individuals affected by autism; we are grateful for AMC’s continued support.”

“AMC Summer Nights is a wonderful opportunity to see great movies while helping to raise funds and awareness of autism,” said Alec Elbert, Chief Strategy and Development Officer at Autism Speaks. “We are grateful to AMC Theatres for its commitment to supporting the autism community through this innovative program.”

“We are pleased to have worked with so many partners to make this program possible. We appreciate the support of our eight participating studio partners – FilmDistrict, Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Releasing, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, The Weinstein Company, and Universal Pictures,” said Robert J. Lenihan, president, programming, AMC. “We also would like to thank our technical partners – Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc., Technicolor and Digital Cinema Implementation Partners (DCIP) – as they are collectively helping us bring these titles to our guests and this program to life.”


For the AMC Summer Nights movie schedule, the participating locations list, or to purchase tickets, please visit


Not living in the U.S.? Don’t fret about Catching Fire! Lionsgate has confirmed these local/international release dates below to The Hob. Dates may be subject to change. You can always check The Hob for any future updates on the release dates.


Argentina – November 28, 2013

Australia – November 21, 2013

Austria - November 21, 2013

Belgium – November 27, 2013

Bolivia - November 21, 2013

Brazil – November 22, 2013

Bulgaria - November 22, 2013

Canada - November 22, 2013

Chile - November 21, 2013

Colombia - November 22, 2013

Commonwealth of Independent States - November 21, 2013

Costa Rica - November 21, 2013

Croatia - November 21, 2013

Czech Republic - November 21, 2013

Denmark - November 21, 2013

Dominican Republic - November 21, 2013

Ecuador - November 22, 2013

Egypt – November 20, 2013

El Salvador - November 22, 2013

Finland – November 20, 2013

France – November 27, 2013

Germany - November 21, 2013

Guatemala - November 22, 2013

Honduras - November 22, 2013

Hungary - November 21, 2013

Iceland - November 22, 2013

India – December 6, 2013

Indonesia - November 22, 2013

Israel - November 21, 2013

Italy - November 21, 2013

Lebanon - November 21, 2013

Malaysia - November 21, 2013

Mexico - November 22, 2013

Norway – November 20, 2013

Netherlands- November 22, 2013

New Zealand - November 21, 2013

Nicaragua - November 21, 2013

Panama - November 22, 2013

Peru - November 21, 2013

Philippines - November 21, 2013

Poland - November 22, 2013

Portugal – November 28, 2013

Serbia - November 21, 2013

Singapore - November 21, 2013

Slovak Republic - November 21, 2013

Slovenia - November 21, 2013

South Africa - November 22, 2013

Spain - November 22, 2013

Sweden – November 20, 2013

Switzerland (German) - November 21, 2013

Thailand - November 21, 2013

Turkey - November 22, 2013

Ukraine – November 21, 2013

United Arab Emirates  - November 21, 2013

United Kingdom - November 22, 2013

Uruguay - November 22, 2013

Venezuela – November 22, 2013

See you next week, Tributes!