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By Matt Rodriguez

Not Approved For All Audiences

I was at a screening the other day and there was a trailer for Funny People before hand. While watching, I had thought nothing of it, but only until after the film as I was talking with a friend, did they point out that the F-Bomb had been dropped a couple of times along with other material that wouldn’t have been suitable for all audiences.

One thing that was obviously missing was the Redband trailer warning before hand. Instead, it was replaced with the usual green MPAA screen we’ve come to recognize. The only difference is that the word “All” had been replaced with “Appropriate” in front of Audiences. One can then conclude that people waiting to see R rated films will now be treated to R rated trailers.

This seems to be the loophole theaters were looking for since they do not show Redband trailers. Now, they can get away with it with these new hybrids as I like to call them. Personally, I don’t really care one way or another. Besides, usually the Redband trailers are much cooler anyways.

I’m just waiting for that one news story to hit in which one of these trailers had mistakenly played in front of some kids film such as Up. I can see the headlines coming in now. This just in: “Parents in an uproar over Inglourious Basterds trailer in front of G-Force.”

Next time you’re waiting for your movie to begin, look closely at the trailers. If you see the ‘Approved Audiences’ label then you’ll be treated to a sight not deemed for the little ones most likely…