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By Matt Rodriguez

Everybody poops, so why not log it?

Just like eating, breathing or sleeping, everybody needs to go to the bathroom. What you do while popping a squat is your own business but AvatarLabs have come up with the perfect time waster for the iPhone and iPod Touch and called it Poo Log.

The Poo Log app is based on the best-selling book "What's Your Poo Telling You?" and allows you to track your bowel movements through a "medically accurate" poo questionnaire that you complete after every flush. It'll then plot your poo accordingly on a graph so that you can see how healthy or unhealthy you are on a monthly basis. Fascinating isn't it?

Simply open the app to begin the timer. Note: the app must remain open during the course of the entire poo for it to continue logging. While it is keeping track of how long your tush has been on the porcelain god, there is a Poo Pastimes quiz you can take to keep those minutes occupied.

There are dozens of available questions, all relating to poo of course, in this 10 question, multiple choice format quiz. After completing the quiz a few times, the questions do seem to run out so there are lots of repeats. The fun factor seems to die rather quickly.

Once you've done your dirty work, it's time to log the poo. Simply touch the New Poo icon at the top to answer a few revealing questions about what you just did. These questions include: delivery, size/shape, number of particles, smell, number of wipes, and post-poo sentiment. You can also write in your own notes if you wish. Once everything is filled out, you are given a score for how you answered each question and it is added to the log/graph.

Overall, Poo Log is fun for a few poos. After that, it becomes boring and more of a chore than a time filler. Personally, I'd rather stick to a game of Solitaire myself. If interested, you can find the app on the iTunes App Store or on