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By Matt Rodriguez

The Most Interesting Show in the World

On Friday night, Dos Equis hosted The Most Interesting Show in the World at Center Stage in Downtown Atlanta. It was to be a night filled with illusionists, dancers, a burlesque show, and the mysterious Bubble Man. Is that worth calling it the most interesting show in the world? You be the judge.

To kick off the show, a magician by the name of The Great Merlini attempted to break the world record for being holding one's breath underwater by holding it for over 21 minutes! Yes, that's not a typo; 21 MINUTES! Honestly, I don't know how that's possible but after doing some research supposedly you can by inhaling pure oxygen and other little tricks to hold it in longer. I imagine this is what The Great Merlini did because he managed to last 21 minutes submerged in a tank full of water. Every once in a while you would see air bubble rise to the surface so I have no idea whether this was the real deal (he was supposedly going for a world record) or just another magic trick.

Once Merlini broke the record, the actual show began and host Andrew W.K. entered onto the stage. For those of you who don't know him, he's a rocker, entertainer, and all around party guy. I'm sure you've heard his song "Party Hard." If not, you should listen to it immediately. After a brief introduction to all the performers for the night, things started to pick up.

One of the opening performers was a balancing act. The guy started off easy doing handstands and flips but quickly upgraded to more dangerous stunts. One involved balancing on a basketball on top of platforms created by champaign bottles. Finally, he performed his most dangerous feat that involved balancing over a spinning buzzsaw. This was no illusion and was pretty cool to see him perched precariously over instant death should he lose grip.


Another interesting act was Bubble Man who, as his name suggests, plays will giant plastic bubbles. He would blow up these giant bubbles and then get inside them and dance around or bounce all over the stage. The coolest thing about it though was the balloons floating around in the crowd. They were filled with confetti and glow sticks so when they popped, the insides would fall to the crowd below. It felt a lot like a techno party with all the flashing lights and electronic music. Bubble Man definitely was one of the most interesting performers of the night.

There were also a few burlesque-type performances by Cherie Lily who brought select audience members on stage to give them an up close and personal show. By the time this part of the show came around, you could easily tell that many of them had a little too much Dos Equis to drink.

Other notable performances include a graceful dance suspended from a hoop above the stage by Hannah and Elsa aka The Ice Sisters, and by illusionist Elliot Zimet. The Most Interesting Show in the World definitely had something for everyone.

I honestly had no idea what to expect going into the event but coming out of it, I had a great time. The show was a little rocky and slow towards the beginning but by the end it was this crazy party. People were dancing and just going crazy. Maybe it was the beer or maybe it was just the enthusiastic nature of Andrew W.K. I won't know for sure.

So was it the most interesting show in the world? Probably not but it comes pretty damn close at times. There are still a few stops left on the tour so be sure to grab tickets before they're gone. It's free too so you really have nothing to lose. 

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