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By Matt Rodriguez

My Experience with Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to check out Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime, a higher quality theater experience aimed at delivering the best in image and audio quality. I saw Pixar’s Inside Out at AMC North Point, one of three theaters equipped with the new technology, although more are coming out soon. The technology was flashy but didn’t really enhance my viewing experience by all that much.


Dolby Cinema focuses on three pillars to deliver a better theater experience: Dramatic Imagery, Moving Audio, and Inspired Design. Fancy buzzwords aside, what this means for the average movie-goer is better picture and sound quality than your regular auditorium. Oh, and big comfy recliners that vibrate in sync with what’s happening on screen.


As I walked into the theater, the first thing I noticed was that the screen is larger than the standard size of many theaters and is slightly curved to provide a better viewing angle. The theater is bigger, but there are far fewer seats. That’s the biggest draw of AMC Prime. You no longer have to fight over who gets two armrests, because every seat comes with ample space. They also feature a touchpad that can adjust the recline and footrest to make you as comfortable as possible, although the glowing blue screen can be a bit distracting if the person next to you is constantly adjusting their seat throughout the movie.


Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime’s biggest draw is its vibration in the seats which is said to immerse the audience further into the film. My expectations for this might have been a little too high, because the vibrations I felt during Inside Out were hardly moving. There were maybe a handful of slight buzzing sounds emitting from my seat during a few scenes. Then again, to give them the benefit of the doubt, Inside Out isn’t exactly the best movie to showcase this feature as their aren’t many scenes that would greatly benefit from it. Something more action-packed like Jurassic World or Transformers might be more beneficial to the technology, not an animated kid’s movie.


Price-wise, AMC Prime is more expensive than your traditional 3D film, but still less expensive than IMAX. The experience is equivalent. The quality is slightly better than what you would experience in a standard theater, but it’s nothing revolutionary. The benefit is that it does offer more comfort and less distractions. You’ll just have to decide for yourself if it’s worth it or not.