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By Matt Rodriguez

BACARDÍ Throws An Untameable House Party in Atlanta with Rapper Meek Mill

Atlanta is often cited as a hotbed for emerging artists in nearly every genre of music, from indie rock to country and, most notably, hip-hop. So when BACARDÍ was seeking new methods to connect with the millennial generation, it’s no surprise that Atlanta would be on the short list of locations to throw a house party. And that’s exactly what they did this past weekend with rapper Meek Mill headlining the whole event.

The BACARDÍ Untameable House Party is an across-the-country party on wheels that stops in various cities and hosts an epic night of music, dancing, and good drinks. It kicked things off Halloween weekend in Philadelphia, but Atlanta was where the party started to really pick up.

The house itself is massive and features multiple themed rooms to chill out and sip BACARDÍ. It’s unlike any mobile home you’ve ever seen. The living room area features couches and a fireplace next to a wall of real framed bats, BACARDÍ’s logo. Across from there is the kitchen area with plenty of bartenders serving up various mixed drinks. I like to keep things simple so I stuck with a more traditional Cuba Libre.

On the other side of the house was the Bathroom area, and no, it wasn’t where you actually went to use the toilet. Thankfully there wasn’t one installed or else I could definitely see someone mistaking it for the real deal and relieving themselves in front of the masses. Instead, there was a classical bathtub installed that people could climb in and take selfies.

At the center of the house was the main stage and dance floor where Meek Mill and a few other local Atlanta artists would perform. Everything was out in the open, though, as the various themes blended in with each other across the four corners of the house. The kitchen also wasn’t the only bar area, either. Both the bathroom and living room had their own drink stations so you were never more than a few meters away from having a drink in your hand.

Speaking of drinks, the cups themselves were pretty cool. They looked like your standard red Solo cups, but were made out of a much thicker plastic and had BACARDÍ’s bat logo etched on them. These were cups you wouldn’t just toss into the garbage at the end of the night. Untameable is definitely the right word to describe the BACARDÍ House Party.

Meek Mill gave a great performance to a crowd of more than 250 people, but there were plenty of other surprises during the night. Dancers with bubble guns and confetti cannons lingered about the house. Party-goers were also treated to a breakdancing performance and a guitar-solo duel. I honestly had no idea what to expect, except that it would be a good time. Judging from all the people around me as well, they thought the same thing.

BACARDÍ’s next stop for the Untameable House Party is Miami on December 4th in conjunction with the Art Basel festival. I have no idea what the house will have in store for party goers, but if it’s anything like Atlanta you’re not going to want to miss it.