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Pandora Ponders The Finale Of Lost

It’s over and done with so I’m not sure just how many out there will even have a desire to read more about it; but if for some reason you are interested in hearing I give you my thoughts on  the Lost finale. This will probably have spoilers all throughout it so if for some reason you have not yet seen the finale of Lost and still somehow call yourself a Lost fan please stop reading now. Also this is not a replacement to Sari's Lost blog. I'm simply a Lost fan and wanted to say goodbye to the show.

It took me a couple of days thinking back on the finale randomly to be able to piece together my feelings and even now that isn’t really that easy to put into words. It was better than meh but mind-blowing it was not. The whole thing just felt so very very safe. It brought closure to many of the main characters and wrapped the story up in general in a nice little package. And almost all the characters found their loved ones to carry on happily into the next world. I was actually happy with the Sawyer/Juliet love story I felt they were a much better match than Kate & Sawyer.

Now going into the finale I had fully prepared myself that there was a very good chance I would be unhappy or even pissed off with what took place. With a show like this it would be hard to please so many people with whatever ending they delivered.   But I can’t help but feel a little bit letdown with what we got and the sad part about it is I believe that could have been helped (and no I’m not talking about giving us a different ending). Very early on the theory of it being purgatory was developed only to be very vocally shot down time and time again by the writers. Now granted the island was indeed not purgatory so they were not giving false statements; but for the story to eventually get to that end result with the flash-sideways serving as a purgatory is a letdown. If they had just kept their mouths shut and not discounted any theories put forth by fans I believe that the ending would have been far more satisfying.

Thinking back on everything as well I was a little disheartened with how much time & thought I along with so many other fans put into questions and theories about the island only to discover that this story could have taken place anywhere and had the same outcome. The island only served as a small plot point for the characters to interact, connect, and form bonds. Through the many odd & unique challenges that the island put forth perhaps these things happened faster or were stronger than say if they had all been stuck in a building for days. I just hate that so many interesting and well thought out storylines & theories of time travel were put out there to keep us occupied, entertained, and distracted until they could reach the last episode exposing those as having no significance.

Now I’m going to reign in my few complaints before those out there jump all over me asking what did I expect to happen or saying that there is no way I’m a fan of Lost and touch on some of the things I did like. The character development that continued all the way through the last episode was incredible and the attachment to those characters that in turn was created is amazing. There were numerous times I  was on the verge of tears when they rediscovered each other in the finale. And the way that over the course of the series they were able to get me to go from HATING Ben to finding him amusing with his sarcastic comments and finally really feeling for him as time & time again he got his ass beat without ever changing him as a person proved to me that writers really understand that developing someone takes time and care.

The insane nature of the island that ultimately could be seen as one jumping the shark incident to another jumping the Dharma tagged shark incident somehow kept me more interested. They managed to find a way to push the envelope of out there things that eventually gave way to odd but believable explanations. And while in the end it was just a location; had the story taken place anywhere else I do believe I would have lost interest in the story long before the characters could have roped me in.

I will miss the late nites after watching an episode of sitting up with friends or my husband and running through everything we just saw, every little tiny detail, guessing what things might mean. I will miss having a show that made me think and actually learn as I would scour the internet in order to decipher symbols, read up on myths, or attempt to find clues to log into staged sites. I will miss having a show that upon hearing the ending *bong* I would shout out “Noooooooo!” or “WTF just happened?” or just stare at the screen in silent shock trying to process what I just saw. For those reason and so very many others Lost will always rank high on my list of favorite shows; safe series finale or not.

Now I have seen a ton of people who have put out various questions about things in the finale. I don’t have the answers, I didn’t write the show; but I will write out my thoughts on what the answers could be. If you don’t agree with me that’s fine, everyone has a right to what they believe things meant. I’m merely putting these out there if for no other reason than I want too. If they make sense to you cool, if you can take them a step further even better, if you think they are stupid or don’t work no one is forcing you to use them.

-    I feel that Sawyer & Kate didn’t need a closer with their love story in the finale. I believe that the love story between them ended awhile back when Sawyer & Juliet fell in love. Kate could never make a choice between Jack & Sawyer so one was made by Sawyer. Also Juliette died not that long ago devastating Sawyer, it would have been odd and out of character IMO for him to all of a sudden just turn to Kate and start all that up again.

-    I believe that Kate, Sawyer, Claire, etc. did not die in the plane that was taking off from the island. Christian even said something about there not being time in the flash sideways. Since Charlie died several seasons ago as did several others it leads me to believe that in the flash sideways whenever it was that you died you just popped right into the storyline. That could mean when Kate got off the plane back in the US & was hit by a truck or if she lived to be 110 years old she would immediately join the flash sideways. I imagine it like being knocked out or put under. When you come too if someone told you you were out for 2 minutes or 2 years either answer would seem right. I think that they just chose to end the story when Jack died because they started the story with Jack. They brought it full circle and didn’t feel the need to show the other characters deaths.

-    I was sad not to see Richard in with the main group of characters in the church. But I believe that he may have moved into the other world immediately upon his death since the person he cared about most in the world was there already waiting for him and he had a stronger connection to his wife than to those on the island.

-    Now with that theory leads me to the whole Hurley & Ben ruling the island. Yes Jacob & his mother protected the island for who knows how long and Jack well he had a couple of good hours there and was out. Because of how Hurley & Ben talked about being a good number 1 & 2 I believe that they took care of the island for a great many years before finding a new candidate and passing the torch. As I said before if there is no real time in the flash sideways if it took them 250 years to get there it would not have messed up anything.

-    I know come the end of the episode many characters were not present in the church to move on to the next world. But I don’t think that means they never will. Ben stayed behind in my mind to wait until Alex & Russo were ready to understand. Just like it wasn’t Ana Lucia’s time nor Charlotte’s. I think when they were ready then the flashes would happen for them and they could then move on.

-    And finally the wreckage that they showed at the ending. I personally believe that is the original wreckage from flight 815. It was setup in the same way; the fuelcell lodge was burnt out like when they turned it into a funeral pyre in the first season. I believe that it was just taking a look back at how it all began, but in a creepy manor of how calm it is now versus how chaotic it was then.

So that’s it. Lost is over. And I’m left in conflict. On one hand I’m so very glad to have the answers to so many of the questions I have asked over the years even if they don’t matter in the grand scheme of the story and on the other hand I would give back many of those answers just to have the show continue. I don’t think that there will ever come another show that will be able to fill the void of Lost; but in a way that makes it all that much better to know that it really is a one of a kind show. For now though I’m going to give my brain a little break from trying to fit all the pieces together and when the time is right and I want to think again I will go back and watch the whole series in a marathon. I’m sure I won’t be the only one.