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Pandora Tries Out Vince Neil's Tres Rios Tequila

There are some days that I truly love this job more than others and this is one of those times. How often can you say that you got paid to have your friends & family come over to drink with you? Well I got the chance to do just that.

Let me journey back just a tiny bit to explain. Here at Shakefire we received several bottle of Vince Neil’s Tres Rios Silver Tequila in to try out and see what we thought. Now I’m not a connoisseur of tequila myself; but I do have some friends that it is their drink of choice. So I figured what better way to test it out than to get a variety of people that range from tequila enthusiast, to casual tequila drinking, to those that have no clue what it tastes like. I invited people over, they brought food, we had music, and the group of us spent a nice evening hanging out enjoying the summer nite while testing out tequila.

First up I had those that wanted to take a shot. It was surprisingly smooth, with no bitter after taste, or sharp kick. As the evening continued those that chose to continue down the path of shots found it easier & easier to down; but I find that this is true with most liquors that one may drink. For the rest of the group that chose to drink a little slower & those who did not want a shot we started up the mixed drinks.

And what else would you make using tequila than margaritas? Lucky for me I have a friend that is in possession of a margarita maker, not restaurant caliber but it makes a nice frothy mixture without any large lumps of ice floating around. We tried a couple of flavors but mango and traditional lime seem to be the favorites. The first batch made we added a normal amount of tequila to the ratio of mix & ice and were surprised to find out that not only did it not have a strong alcohol smell you weren’t overpowered by the taste of it either. It mixed well with the flavors of the lime mixture and only added to the drink. Seeing as it was so easy to drink we did proceed to up the percentage a bit more in future batches; but still with no bad effects.

Now don’t get me wrong, the effects were felt as people started to get happier, laughed more, talked more, and had more fun with each glass. But you were not overwhelmed with the bitter taste that you were drinking liquor with each sip.

As the nite wound down I had many coming up and asking for the name of the tequila again and taking a look at the bottle to make a mental note for the future. Come the next morning there were no reports of hangovers or anyone having gotten sick.

So what does something like this cost? Tres Rios Silver runs around $59.99.

Here is the rundown of a variety of tequilas and their prices.
Basic Jose Cuervo Gold - $15
Patron Tequila Silver - $38
Cabo Wabo Resposado - $49
Partida Reposado - $55
El Mayor Extra Anejo Tequila - $90
Don Fernando Anejo Artesano - $140
Patron Platinum - $200
Don Julio Real - $370

So ultimately it is your call. Do you go with the cheap stuff so you can buy a lot of it and suffer as you choke it down, laughing as you all make faces from the taste? Or do you go with a bottle that cost what some people make in a week which will give you a smoother taste but really is just to show off how much money you have? Or do you hit somewhere in the middle with cost, still get the mellow taste and don’t come across as a douche bag to your friends as you point out what it cost you?

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