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Star Trek destroys Next Day Air, sends Wolverine screaming

The summer officially began last weekend with the surprisingly monster success of the against-all-odds blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine and continues this week with the revamping of the once profitable Star Trek franchise.  The other new release, Next Day Air?  Fail.

STAR TREK ($76,500,000 including Thursday sneaks)
The previous Star Trek movie, Star Trek: Nemesis, was such an enormous failure that the franchise seemed dead in the water.  Enter JJ Abrams.  Much like last week's hit Wolverine, Abrams decided to go the prequel route, telling the origins of Spock, Kirk and the rest of the Enterprise crew.  While Nemesis conjured up $43 million in it's entire run, Star Trek (2009) tallied up enough in it's opening weekend to rocket past 1998's Insurrection ($70 million) and 1984's The Search for Spock ($76 million) and should have no problem beating out 1986's The Voyage Home ($109 million) to become the top grossing Star Trek movie.

NEXT DAY AIR ($4,000,000)
Hey, at least it made enough to become the 2,446th opening weekend ever!  There isn't much to say about this one other than it opened pretty much even with expectations against the blockbuster Star Trek, though it's $3,515 per theater isn't a complete waste.  This one should leave theaters with less than $15 million.

The full weekend box office ticked in as follows:


TW LW Title (click to read review) Weekend Gross Total Gross
1 N Star Trek $72,500,000 $76,500,000
2 1 X-Men Origins: Wolverine $27,000,000 $129,624,000
3 2 Ghosts of Girlfriends Past $10,450,000 $30,246,000
4 3 Obsessed $6,600,000 $56,247,000
5 4 17 Again $4,405,000 $54,167,000
6 N Next Day Air $4,000,000 $4,000,000
7 6 The Soloist $3,605,000 $23,501,000
8 5 Monsters Vs. Aliens $3,379,000 $186,892,000
9 7 earth $2,488,000 $26,086,000
10 9 Hannah Montana: The Movie $2,414,000 $74,083,000


 Source: Box Office Mojo