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Shakefire Monthly Magazine: Issue 6 (November 2010)

The SHAKEFIRE MONTHLY Digital Magazine is back for issue number 6, where we round up all the best articles, reviews, videos, etc of the month and give them all to you in one convenient package.



Glenn Danzig
by Pandora
Glenn Danzig is regarded by many as a forefather of punk and an innovator of metal.  As he releases his 9th Danzig album, we sit down with the legend to answer some fan's burning questions along with a handful of our own...

Anna Torv (Fringe)
by Peter Oberth
Anna Torv is a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art, Australia's most prestigious acting college...

Default (Quickie 10)
by Kara Johnson
As Default gear up to release their highly anticipated new album 'Comes and Goes', we sit down with the band to ask them some stupid questions...

Sir Ben Kingsley (Prince of Persia)
by Peter Oberth
We sit down with Sir Ben Kingsley to talk about his role in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, out on DVD September 14...

Adam Green (Hatchet II)
by Matt Rodriguez
Shakefire talked with writer and director Adam Green. He's created the new face of the horror genre with Victor Crowley and Hatchet and now returns for the sequel, Hatchet II...

Big B (Quickie 10)
by Kara Johnson
America's most notorious white trash renegade returns with his fourth studio full length "American Underdog", this time Big B ventures out on a musical expedition into new frontiers...

Summer Glau (Superman/Batman: Apocalypse)
by Peter Oberth
Whether as River Tam in Joss Whedon’s cult classic series and follow-up film, Firefly and Serenity, or as the indestructible android-from-the-future Cameron in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles...

Black Veil Brides (Quickie 10)
by Kara Johnson
Black Veil Brides started in 2007 when 16-year-old vocalist, Andy Six, began seeking players to create a vision of a modern day heavy metal band, combining the theatrics and passion of Misfits...

-Colin Hanks (The Good Guys) by Peter Oberth
-St. Leonard's (Quickie 10) by Kara Johnson
-Alyssa Bernal (Quickie 10) by Kara Johnson
-Juke Kartel (Quickie 10) by Kara Johnson
-Sick Puppies (Quickie 10) by Kara Johnson
-The Green Children (Quickie 10) by Kara Johnson
-Tino Coury (Quickie 10) by Kara Johnson
-Burnham (Quickie 10) by Kara Johnson


Red (B+)
by Ryan Sterritt
Red is everything I wanted it to be. Action-packed, hilarious and full of characters that never let the story grow stale. It won't earn any oscars or make much of a dent in the box office, but why should it?

Jackass 3D (B)
by Matt Rodriguez
Jackass 3D doesn't quite live up to the first two films but it still manages to make you laugh hard. Many people will be disgusted by it but others will absolutely love it. All you have to do is watch the trailer and you'll instantly know which group you fall in.

Paranormal Activity (A-)
by Matt Rodriguez
Paranormal Activity 2 is the scariest movie you'll see this year. You'll look for every shadow and listen to every noise. You can't help but be drawn into the story and genuinely care about the family portrayed. If you're a fan of pyschological horror, then you'll love this film...

The Social Network (A)
by Ryan Sterritt
David Fincher took the directing wheel on this one and much like all of his other films, he handles it with expertise. Fincher brings his expert knowledge of filming dialogue and character studies to complete the story of how facebook was founded...

Let Me In (A)
by Matt Rodriguez
Let Me In is as charming as it is shocking. You won't want to look away and by the end, you'll be left wanting more. The cast puts on a spectacular performance and Matt Reeves has created something that will satisfy fans of the original and newcomers alike...

Hereafter (C-)
by Ryan Sterritt
Thanks to an unfortunately slow script by writer Peter Morgan, Hereafter is a slow, semi-interesting story of how death can affect those near it. Sadly, not even Eastwood's skill of film can save Hereafter from it's pace and misdirection...

-Waiting for 'Superman' (A) by AJ Garcia
-Life As We Know It (C) by AJ Garcia
-Secretariat (B) by Matt Rodriguez
-It's Kind of a Funny Story (A-) by Matt Rodriguez


Back to the Future Trilogy (A)
by Jeremy Hunt
What’s there to be said about this trilogy that hasn’t already been said? If you haven’t seen it, chances are good you’ve seen some sort of cultural tribute to it. It’s just that powerful. And it’s wild to finally see it out on Blu-Ray...

Earth & Space (B+)
by AJ Garcia
Earth and Space is a six disc event that contains the first seasons of The History Channel’s The Universe and How The Earth Was Made. These two innovative series take you on a journey through our planet and outer space interlinking the two with questions such as...

The Pacific (A+)
by AJ Garcia
Tom Hanks, Steven Speilberg, Gary Goetzman, and the many directors of the 10 part series follow three Marines (Eugene Sledge, Robert Leckie, and John Basilone) through their respective tours in the Pacific Theater...

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (A)
by Lee Roberts
Superman/Batman: Apocalypse picks up after the last animation of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies with talk about President Luthor and the Meteor that ends up bringing Kara to Earth..

Troll 2 (B)
by Alex Tracy
So if you are somebody who loves collecting terrible movies or having a good laugh at extremely unintentional humor then this is a definite buy. But for all of you sane people, you already have made your decision...

The League: The Complete Season One (A-)
by Matt Rodriguez
Having never heard of the show before, I was quite surprised with both the quality of the show and Blu-ray. It's somewhat short for a TV series but there are still laughs to be had...

-Babies (B+) by Jeremy Hunt
-Psycho (A+) by Lee Roberts
-Slings & Arrows: The Complete Colleciton (C+) by AJ Garcia
-Michael McDonald: This Christmas (A-) by AJ Garcia
-The Treasure of Sierra Madre (A+) by AJ Garcia
-Wolverine and the X-Men: The Complete Series (A-) by Lee Roberts
-Splice (B+) by AJ Garcia
-Baseball: The Tenth Inning (B-) by AJ Garcia
-It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 5 (D+) by Matt Rodriguez
-Human Target: Season 1 (A-) by Lee Roberts
-30 Days of Night: Dark Days (B+) by AJ Garcia
-The Last of the Mohicans (B+) by Alex Tracy
-Dio: Holy Diver (C-) by Lee Roberts
-The Secret of Kells (A-) by Alex Tracy
-Battle 360: The Complete Series (B) by Jeremy Hunt
-Suck (C+) by Jeremy Hunt
-The Maltese Falcon (A+) by AJ Garcia
-Three Kings (B+) by Jeremy Hunt
-Eden of the East: The Complete Series (A+) by AJ Garcia
-Rolling Stones: Ladies & Gentlemen (B+) by Lee Roberts
-Just Wright (A+) by AJ Garcia
-Rush: 2112/Moving Pictures (A) by Lee Roberts
-The Killer Inside Me (B-) by AJ Garcia


Hank Williams: Complete Mother's Best Recordings (A)
by Lee Roberts
By the time I finished listening to all these songs, and there’s a lot of them there, I found that I had really enjoyed listening. With the fun of the people in the studio, getting to hear the Mother’s Best commercials, and the old school twanging of the country songs...

Good Charlotte: Cardiology (B-)
by AJ Garcia
The album really feels like two. The first half being the more pop punk approach while the last half has a more mature sound to it and a stronger lyrical aspect. For me the second half of the album ranged from great to decent but I can’t say I was that big of a fan of the first half of the album...

Far East Movement: Free Wired (A)
by AJ Garcia
Finally 2gether closes out the album with a techno inspired core mixing in a bit of The B-52’s Love Shack, which is a little odd, but overall the close out track is just a reminder that the album is all about fun and having a good time. It won’t change your life, have no doubts there, but this album will stick in your head for months...

Steven Page: Page One (B)
by Jeremy Hunt
So how is it? Not too shabby. Along with co-vocalist Ed Robertson, Page’s voice was one of the defining characteristics of BNL. So if you’ve ever heard any of their music, his voice will be immediately familiar...

Shane Wyatt: The Last Cowboy (C+)
by John Piedrahita
Hopefully Shane’s attempt to move the spotlight on himself pays off.  He’s got plenty of potential.  Fingers crossed that a proper label will come along to help him reach it.  So just keep Shane Wyatt on your radar, who knows what he might do next...

Carlos Santana: Guitar Heaven (B+)
by AJ Garcia
While Guitar Heaven isn’t perfect, and that will really depend on where you sit with a majority of the tracks and how their handled, it’s a decent offering. If the core basis for this album is Santana’s guitar work you get what you pay for but unfortunately not all...

Jimmy Eat World: Invented (C+)
by John Piedrahita
These guys have been around awhile and are probably due for a greatest hits compilation sometime soon.  And when that record inevitably comes out, I’d be really amazed if more than two songs from this album makes the cut...

Hannah Montana Forever (F)
by Jeremy Hunt
Lame lyrics, autotune, canned music…this album has it all! I realize I’m not a kid, but I have no idea who finds this sort of pop music enjoyable. Parents with children who listen to this need to intervene for the sake of humanity and educate their offspring about the joys of the Beach Boys instead...

-Meat Beat Manifesto: Answers Come in Dream (A) by Jennifer Isbell
-Tarek Kasmi: The New Century (C-) by Lee Roberts
-Moksha: Mammal or Machine (A-) by AJ Garcia
-Tim Kasher: The Game of Monogamy (C+) by Jennifer Isbell
-Boom Boom Satellites: Over and Over (C-) by Lee Roberts
-Margot & The Nuclear So and So's: Buzzard (B+) by Jeremy Hunt
-Lee Roberts: Self-Titled (C-) by Lee Roberts
-The Doobie Brothers: World Gone Crazy (B-) by Lee Roberts
-Jukebox The Ghost: Everything Under the Sun (A-) by John Piedrahita
-The NUV: Top Model Super Fashion (B-) by John Piedrahita
-Jeff Kossack & The Other Hand: Half Life (A+) by AJ Garcia
-Freedom or Death: EP (B-) by AJ Garcia
-American Sixgun: Gypse Circus & The Souther Wind, Vol. I & 2 (A-) by AJ Garcia
-Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Soundtrack) (B) by John Piedrahita
-Easy Star All-Stars: Dubber Side of the Moon (C+) by AJ Garcia
-Sonny With a Dhance (Soundtrack) (A+) by AJ Garcia
-Keller Williams: Kids (A+) by AJ Garcia
-Edisun: Self-Titled (D+) by John Piedrahita
-Infantree: Would Work (A+) by AJ Garcia
-The Wicker Man (Soundtrack) (C-) by Alex Tracy
-Big B: Good Times & Bad Advice (B+) by Lee Roberts
-Brooke Fraser: Flags (A) by Jennifer Isbell


Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
by Echo307
Overall, we did walk away from Medal of Honor somewhat pleased but it really left us wanting more.  It’s a game that fails to deliver its own identity and thus, fails at creating an experience people will remember...

Dead Rising 2
by Echo307
Overall, we spent more time talking about the negatives of Dead Rising 2 than the positives in this review, but there’s still a good and fun game to be found beyond those complaints...

Castlevania: Lord of Shadow
by Seanoc
Lords of Shadow may not please some of the older Castlevania fans who long for a return to the 2D roots of the series, but it will certainly satisfy the majority of gamers on the lookout for a grand adventure...

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
by Pandora
Will you like the game? Well if you have liked past “Guitar Heroes” I don’t see why you wouldn’t enjoy this one too. But I do think that in trying to compete with games like “Rock Band” and putting so much focus on trying new things they may in the future sink the series...

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
by Seanoc
Overall, Storm 2 is a very enjoyable adventure with interesting combat mechanics. Yes, more modes for the fighting fan – and more depth to the locations outside the Hidden Leaf Village – would be welcome...

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
by Echo307
Overall, we loved Enslaved.  The game does feel just a touch under-developed in several key areas and it does hold your hand a bit too much, but the beauty of its design and the absolutely engrossing story overruled any of the complaints we could come up with...

Cladun: This is an RPG!
by Matt Rodriguez
Overall, Cladun: This is an RPG! is a decent title from Nippon Ichi Software and can provide hours of handheld entertainment on your PSP. Dungeons are fun and diverse and you'll continually be changing around the Magic Circle to find what fits each character best...



Scrubs: The Complete Collection (C+)
by Matt Rodriguez
Overall, Scrubs: The Complete Collection is fantastic for fans who don't already own all of the seasons out there. The majority of the content is the same and what is new can be quite bothersome to access...

Dog the Bounty Hunter: Wild Ride Megaset (C+)
by AJ Garcia
The Middle is one of ABC's most successful new shows of last fall. It portrays an average American family, the Hecks, as they try to get through daily life in middle America.

Two and a Half Men: The Complete Seventh Season (A-)
by Matt Rodriguez
Two and a Half Men has grown into quite the show. Jake's role may be a little off but the rest of the cast is spot on and better than I remembered. The writing is brilliant and the humor is constantly fresh...

South Park: A Little Box of Butters (A-)
by Jeremy Hunt
As usual the bonus features here are a yawn. My new infatuation with the Marathon option still brings a smile to my face, being able to watch the entire disc without the bother of watching the opening credits and ending credits after every episode

Castle: Season 2 (B+)
by Jeremy Hunt
All in all, this is fun show, mixing the natural chemistry of the cast with the traditional format of a crime procedural. This 5-disc set features every episode from season two along with on-the-set visits, behind-the-scenes features...

Thundarr the Barbarian: The Complete Series (B-)
by Lee Roberts
Granted the artwork is mediocre it’s good enough to sit through. For me I liked the plots the most because everything is made to be so huge at the moment and the only way they can be solved is with Thundarr helping...

-Linebarrels of Iron: OVA Collection (D-) by AJ Garcia
-Linebarrels of Iron: Season Two (C+) by AJ Garcia
-A Mind to Kill: Series 2 (A) by Pat Trabi
-Poldark: Series 2 (A-) by Pat Trabi
-Dragon Ball Z Kai: Season One, Part Two (B-) by Matt Rodriguez
-Families of Afghanistan (C) by Jeremy Hunt
-Families of Kenya (C) by Jeremy Hunt
-Shaun of the Sheep: Season One (A) by Jereemy Hunt
-20th Century with Mike Wallace (A) by Pat Trabi
-Ben 10 Alien Force; Volume 9 (B-) by Jeremy Hunt


The Six Wives of Henry Lefay (F)
by Matt Rodriguez
As the film progresses it gets more and more ridiculous. People leave, people come back; it's just one confusing mess. Good luck making it to the end. Honestly, I can't recommend The Six Wives of Henry Lefay. It tries too hard to not be a comedy but still attempts at humor...

Jonah Hex (C)
by Lee Roberts
As for the special effects in the film, well there’s not that many of them in it to even look bad. Though I think there should have been less effects and more worries about how the characters developed in the film...

Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives (A-)
by Jennifer Isbell
"Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives" deals with all kinds of violence: domestic, gay, intolerance for anyone who's different. There's even a section of the movie that reminded me all too much of "The Burning Bed" with the late Farrah Fawcett...

Night of the Demons (B)
by Jennifer Isbell
If there is supposed to be an homage to the 1980s horror B movie, I think "Night of the Demons" qualifies. In fact, it's a remake of Kevin Tenney's ("Brain Dead") 1988 "Night of the Demons" producing this version...

Space Chimps 2: Zarrtog Strikes Back (F)
by AJ Garcia
I had to have watched Space Chimps a dozen times when it came out on DVD. The kids loved it and I personally got a few chuckles out of it even though I found it completely ignorable. Space Chimps 2 is exactly like the first maybe even more forgettable...

Atlantis: The Lost Continent (B-)
by Lee Roberts
There’s only 2 points that didn’t impress me much, that’s the acting and the sound levels. The acting has a bigger impact on the movie than the sound levels but having to turn up my volume to high levels to be able to hear the movie is not something I like doing...

-Sherlock Holmes (Double Feature) (C+) by John Piedrahita
-The Power (C) by AJ Garcia
-The Human Centipede (A-) by Jennifer Isbell
-Arn: The Knight Templar (C) by Alex Tracy
-Bo Burnham: Words Words Words (C) by Lee Roberts
-Forbidden Lies (A) by Alex Tracy
-Brain Dead (D-) by Jennifer Isbell
-The Brazen Bull (F) by Pat Trabi
-Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema (A) by Jennifer Isbell
-Older Than America (B+) by Jennifer Isbell


LEGO Star Wars III



Kat Von D


1. Jackass 3D ($101,657,558)
October Days in Release: 17
Total Domestic Box Office: $101,657,558

2. The Social Network ($79,520,984)
October Days in Release: 31
Total Domestic Box Office: $79,520,984

3. Paranormal Activity 2 ($65,665,972)
October Days in Release: 10
Total Domestic Box Office: $65,665,972

4. Red ($58,823,430)
October Days in Release: 17
Total Domestic Box Office: $58,823,430

5. Secretariat ($44,708,804)
October Days in Release: 24
Total Domestic Box Office: $44,708,804

6. Life As We Know It ($43,533,312)
October Days in Release: 24
Total Domestic Box Office: $43,533,312

7. Legend of the Guardian: The Owls of Ga'Hoole ($33,481,959)
October Days in Release: 31
Total Domestic Box Office: $52,673,828

8. The Town ($33,319,447)
October Days in Release: 31
Total Domestic Box Office: $87,626,867

9. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps ($25,443,882)
October Days in Release: 31
Total Domestic Box Office: $51,219,733

10. Saw 3D ($24,230,123)
October Days in Release: 3
Total Domestic Box Office: $24,230,123

11. Hereafter ($21,948,440)
October Days in Release: 17
Total Domestic Box Office: $22,263,797

12. Easy A ($20,872,115)
October Days in Release: 31
Total Domestic Box Office: $56,300,305

13. My Soul to Take ($14,637,490)
October Days in Release: 24
Total Domestic Box Office: $14,637,490

14. You Again ($13,812,743)
October Days in Release: 31
Total Domestic Box Office: $24,697,810

15. Case 39 ($13,036,803)
October Days in Release: 31
Total Domestic Box Office: $13,036,803

16. Let Me In ($11,896,495)
October Days in Release: 31
Total Domestic Box Office: $11,896,495

17. Devil ($9,372,155)
October Days in Release: 31
Total Domestic Box Office: $33,099,560

18. Alpha and Omega ($8,062,829)
October Days in Release: 31
Total Domestic Box Office: $24,087,398

19. Resident Evil: Afterlife ($6,298,241)
October Days in Release: 31
Total Domestic Box Office: $60,128,566

20. It's Kind of a Funny Story ($5,787,094)
October Days in Release: 24
Total Domestic Box Office: $5,787,094

BOLD - October Releases
ITALICS - September Releases

A+: 10
A: 14
A-: 14
B+: 13
B: 6
B-: 10
C+: 10
C: 6
C-: 7
D+: 2
D: 0
D-: 2
F: 4

AVERAGE REVIEW: B (3.00) (▲0.17 from August)


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