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Warped Tour: Pierce The Veil interview

 While at Warped Tour, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and getting to interview the two members of Pierce The Veil. Half the fun of this interview was due to the fact that I had recently reviewed their new album right here on Shakefire! I was able to hang out with guitarist Tony Perry and bassist Jaime Preciado. The following, is our tale:

Shakefire: New album! What do you think has changed with you guys since then?

Jaime Preciado: I think, musically we've tried making a record that was obviously progressing and getting better. And yeah, I would say musically we all stepped up, as for as our instruments and stuff. Getting better at what we do. Also making a record that was fun to play. 

Tony Perry: Jaime and I weren't actually on the first record so this is the first time the four of us worked together. There's a lot more heavy elements and faster things that they brought back from their experience and we brought in from our experience in our hardcore bands. So, lots of new styles and interesting stuff.

SF: The cool thing about it is, and I'm not a huge listener of hardcore, locals mostly, your new album sounds very meticulous. There's different time changes, sounds like you're throwing more genres in, rather than just hardcore. 

J.P: Yeah, I think with this record, as far as genres go, we really opened so the heavier stuff got heavier and the softer stuff got softer. Just kinda opened it more to a broader scale. 

T.P: We wanted to make sure we never just threw in a breakdown just for the sake of having it there. Like, it had to be a part that actually felt right. 

J.P: We had a lot of fun making this record and we're glad it turned out the way it did.

SF: With the new album, do you think this is something you guys would want to continue this sound or do you want to build off it?

J.P: I think we're always going to be trying to push ourselves in every aspect of writing and playing and even in shows too, like everything we want to get is something different, something better. 

T.P: We definitely don't want any record to sound the same. Never want to write the same record. You know, make sure it progresses.

J.P: I love it when bands do that. Progressively get better and change in a good way.

SF: How do you feel about sharing the stage with so many different bands? 

T.P: We definitely had a alot of shows where we played right before, right after some really heavy bands. We did a tour with Bring Me The Horizon (also on warped) or bands like that. But it's always...some how we've always managed to hold our own and still have fans there who want to see us. A lot of bands have trouble playing against heavier bands than we have.

J.P: We'll be singing 90% of the time and we'll play with bands who are screaming the whole time, so it's kinda like.."Uh-oh. We're gonna get beat up" but it ends up working.

SF: To be honest, listening to the album, I heard plenty of vocal parts that weren't screaming. 

J.P: Definitely tons and tons of layers and things. The producer, Mike Green, wanted to make sure that this record was never picken apart the first listen. Even after 7 or 8 times, you were still finding new things you didn't hear before that. 

SF: What bands are you enjoying the idea of waking up and seeing play every day?

T.P: So many bands I'm stoked to see. 

J.P: I like our friend's bands. I Like watching Bring Me [The Horizon] and stuff. Those guys always put on their own show. Their kids are always completely ready to punch somebody in the face.

T.P: Parkway Drive is pretty awesome to see.

J.P: Just from bands like Mayday Parade and Emarosa to Of Mice & Men. Just tons of bands that you just..you now when we have time, we kinda go out there and hang out and stuff.

SF: What do you think is next for Pierce The Veil?

J.P: Down Under! (Australian accent)

T.P: Yeah, we're going to Australia next. 

J.P: Take Action Tour with a band called Attack! Attack! down in Australia and then we go down to Japan. *Bows down*

SF: Is this the first international tour for you guys?

J.P: Yeah, it'll be..well we've been to the U.K and Mexico and stuff but this is the first time we've been to Australian fans. And After that we'll come back and do a tour in the states. Yeah, we're booked and we're stoked. I'm stoked to pet a kangaroo.

SF: If there's one thing that you think should be said to everyone who comes to Warped Tour, what do you think it is?

J.P: Go pick up our new record, "Selfish Machines".

T.P: Go buy the record. *laughs*

J.P: Go buy the record and yeah, come hang. 

T.P: A little sunscreen never hurt anybody.

J.P: A little sunscreen keeps the doctor away..doesn't really make sense.

T.P: They'll get it. 


Make sure you guys go out and buy their new album, "Selfish Machines". And make sure to look out for their U.S dates to come soon!