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By Ryan Sterritt

Terrible Things 10/5

 It's been a long time since I've seen Fred Mascherino (Vocals, Guitar) in person. I followed him a lot while he performed with Taking Back Sunday and then continued to support him as he released his semi-solo project, The Color Fred. And now, Fred is back. And he brought some friends. 

These friends are in the form of Andy Jackson (Vocals, Guitar, ex-Hot Rod Circuit) and Josh Eppard (Vocals, Drums, ex-Coheed and Cambria). Together, they are Terrible Things. No, that wasn't an insult. That's the name of this group of artists. And in no way is it symbolic of their sound. 

Before their concert, I listened to a few tracks of their new self-titled album. The sound of Terrible Things' isn't easily summed up. A few tracks feature pop-punk hooks with Rise Against-esque vocals. While others contain harder tracks than we're used to hearing from Mr. Mascherino (Definitely in no way a disappointment). Regardless of the track you select, Terrible Things bring qualities from all of their past collaborations as band members. The intensity of Coheed & Cambria, the structure of Hot Rod Circuit and the addictive melodies of Color Fred and Taking Back Sunday. 

On October 5th, Terrible Things stopped by The VInyl (Which shares the same venue with Center Stage & The Loft) while on tour with Windsor Drive and headlining act, Mae. This tour, "Goodbye, Goodnight Tour", is actually the final tour for the original members of Mae. I spoke with Fred prior to the show and we discussed everything from Taking Back Sunday and The Color Fred to the tragic fires that took most of his hometown. After following Fred since Where You Want To Be, TBS' first album with him in the ineup, it was a dream to meet him and have a half hour discussion about his life and career.

Once the show hit the halfway mark, Terrible Things took the stage. Amidst a crowd of increasingly-impatient Mae followers were fans who stormed the front of the crowd while Fred, Andy and Josh grabbed their instruments. Don't get me wrong, the entire crowd was friendly and very receptive of the band and their sound. But the fans who have already heard their self-titled album were upfront shouting the lyrics to almost every song. "Conspiracy" is one of the stand out tracks that got a number of faces smiling and nodding their heads. Despite a repetitive chorus, the verse brings something that stands as a rock opera act cut dramatically short. Other tracks to watch out for are "Up At Night" and Wrap Me Up". 

With the intensity all 3 artists bring, it's almost impossible to not sing along at times. Pop-punk, rock, alternative and sometimes even some pop: Terrible Things definitely brings an interesting and satisfying sound to fans of prior bands and unaware newcomers. 

Make sure to pick up their self-titled album on iTunes or at your nearest music store!