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By Sari Meltzer

Lost: The Final Season (Episode 5 - Lighthouse)

If you thought LOST couldnt get any stranger, this weeks episode proves we know nothing.


What are the numbers?

well, they're degrees.  turn the mirror to 23 degrees and the mirror will show you the house Jack Shepard grew up in.  Move it again to 16 and you'll see something regarding Sayid, and so on.  I couldn't believe the answer to the numbers was answered so quickly.  However, three additional questions were raised;

1) who is at 180 degrees?
Hurley never got the dial all the way to 180 before Jack threw a hissy fit when Jacob failed to show up and broke the mirrors.  Just when I think "eh, Jack's not so bad anymore" he goes and does something like this. But equally peculiar was Jacob's reaction.  He did all but shrugged and said "meh".  So was Jacob's purpose for Jack and Hurley not to just turn the dial but to reveal how he time travels?  How he finds the people he wants to come to the island? 

2) Why are those numbers found EVERYWHERE on and off the island?
Hurley's lottery numbers... which reminds me, are those the same numbers he won the lottery with in the new timeline? the numbers to keep the electromagnetic properties of the island in check, and various other places separatly.

3) Why have they/we never seen this lighthouse before?
It doesnt make sense, its a lighthouse!! Does it disappear? is there a way for Jacob to hide it? Is it like a portkey where a magic spell it put on it that when our heroes get close to seeing it they're suddnely reminded of something urget and they turn around?

Claire... the WIB?
Claire is badass eh?? 


I was on her side with her killing of the Other.  I believe she was right, he was going to kill her despite what he said.  Poor Jin, how conflicted he must feel right now.  She's nice to him, helping him with his leg, but what if the Other was right? What if she's not really Claire, what if she's the Woman in Black? What if there are a couple of these beings on the Island that are able to take over bodies? Claire, Locke and perhaps Sayid?  We know that the memories of the bodies are in tact, hence MIB telling Ben the last thought that went through Locke's mind when Ben was strangling him. And we also know they're good at persuasion so why not?


So Jack has a kid.  This can't be from the woman we saw in Season 1, at least as that timeline went.  The kid is about 15, Jack is no more than 35.  This kid has to be from a previous relationship.  Yet another question raised *sigh* what part does David have to play.


The Timeline Correcting Itself?
Jack, from day 1 of this new timeline clearly isn't comfortable about something.  First with Desmond, then forgetting about how or when his appendix was removed.  So it seems that everything that happened in the Island timeline will happen in the new timeline as well.  Whats interesing to me is Dogan is also in this timeline, I dont know why its so interesting to me but it is.  I think Dogan will have a very big part to play in this timeline.  I read somewhere that Dogan is the CEO of a very powerful foreign company.  I'm assuming its a Japanese company since in the Island timeline he speaks an old form of Japanese. 

Whos Next?
I have a question for you.  Who do you want to be reintroduced into the new timeline?  I'm hoping to see Faraday and Juliet soon.  Wouldn't it be interesing to see what type of personality Faraday would have? Will he still be the erratic, socially dyfunctional genius we've grown to love? or will he be the complete opposite like Hurley?  Have you noticed that no one has called him Hurley yet? 

 Stay Tuned...