Day 8: New Human War, Part 1

Release Date: 
Friday, February 8, 2013
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Daylon is the curator of the popular online series "Unscripted 360"

In 2023, the world saw its Sun rupture and change the atmosphere. Now, what was once a creature of the night, the Vazzul are now able to do their bidding in the day.

To battle the new terror, the government produced a vaccine intended to protect humanity. But what they did was infect the world and create a thing your nightmares even fear; something even greater to fight than the Vazzul. Becoming infected was just the beginning.

The days themselves have been forever changed. Humanity faces the uncertainty of a ruptured Sun and an enemy that changes and grows stronger each day.

Standing in the midst of humanity's darkest shadow is Abraham and the New Humans. They fight to protect the city and return a small piece of normal to the world.

Will their newfound abilities be enough to stop the infected and the Vazzul? The New Human War has begun.


Daylon Deon is a new author with plans to share all that comes from a very imaginative mind. He writes about a number of things so sit back and enjoy an eclectic assortment of his stories.

Daylon currently resides in Dallas where he continues building upon his status as the "Velvet Voice" and expert in all things Xbox and more.

Daylon's first published work is titled Day 8 New Human War. It is a 3-part short story series that takes you on an incredible ride! Your support for it and all things to come can not be measured and thanked enough.