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My Day With A Possible Ink Master: Craig Foster

Ever see the show on Spike called “Ink Master”? Well I have watched the first 2 seasons and I’m hooked. They gather 16 tattoo artists, put them through a ton of challenge tattoos, judge them on a variety of techniques & skills, and in the end crown one Ink Master. Season 3 will be starting up soon (July 16th) and the opportunity came up to interview one of the contestants, Craig Foster who is located in Carrollton.

Seeing that I love tattoos, already have a tattoo, and have been wanting to get another tattoo I took this chance to not only interview a potential Ink Master but to be tattooed by one as well. Entering Craig’s shop Skinwerks you are greeted with a barrage of color on the wall from tattoo ideas to painted skate decks to framed artwork. After some brief introductions we got started talking as he prepared to start the tattoo. He’s pretty damn funny, says what he means, enjoys his work, and we discovered we know some of the same people.

By the time we got to the actual tattooing any nervousness I might have had was gone.  I was unsure what kind of pain I would experience sine this tattoo was going on my inner wrist & my prior tattoos are on my back. Turns out not as bad as I thought. Craig really enjoys the New School style (though he can do other styles as well). My choice was not New School; but the work is clean & it looks just like I wanted. He even made a few suggestions that made it turn out even better than the original drawing I came in with. The entire time I felt as ease and was interested & continuously amused by his stories from his life, feelings on tattoos, & the little he was allowed tell me about the show.

In no time my panda was finished and it was time to be on our way. And if it couldn’t get any better in the little post-care envelope that I received not only contained info on how to care for it & ointment to apply it had CANDY in it. Anyone that knows me knows that I have an incredible love for candy & pandas so I was practically giddy on the ride home.

Now here I am the day afterwards still loving my panda tattoo and my mind is racing with ideas for my next. I’m thinking a New School caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland to fit with the rest of the piece I have on my back. And without a doubt I know who I want to do it.

And while I know I am totally biased now having had a tattoo from Craig I’m pulling for him to win “Ink Master”. Be sure to check it out on Spike July 16th.

Interested in getting your own tattoo from Craig Foster at Skinwerks? Here you go:
Skinwerks Tattoo & Design
310 Bankhead Hwy
Carrollton, Ga 30117
They are closed on Sundays and Mondays and they open at 12pm


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Very cool new work and I might check him out since I'm looking for someone new. Also, what did the drawing look like before the finished work? And what was his pricing?