(Deadline: November 13, 2015)
Running Time: 
68 minutes
Grand Prize
  • DVD - (PIC)
    (Value: $24.95)

Set against the background of spectacular, wild and desolate Ethiopian landscapes, CRUMBS introduces audiences to a strange-looking scrap collector, Gagano (played by the charismatic Daniel Tadesse). Alternately gripped by daydreams and constant fears, the diminutive Gagano has had enough of collecting the priceless crumbs of decayed civilization – Teenage Mutant Ninja amulets, toy ray guns and Superman costumes -- including the most valuable: merchandise from Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan. Meanwhile, his true love, Birdy (Selam Tesfaye) pines for him in the abandoned bowling alley they’ve colonized. When a spaceship that has been hovering high in the sky for years starts showing signs of activity, Gagano has to overcome his fears – as well as a witch, Santa Claus and second-generation Nazis -- to discover things aren’t quite the way he thought.

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CRUMBS is currently available for pre-order on IndiePix Films and will be released on November 3, 2015.