Role Playing (RPG)

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines

Dracula...From Dusk Till Dawn…Interview With the Vampire…Van Helsing…Blade. Are you noticing a common theme? Vampires. They’ve been as much a part of our world as we have been in theirs, but this time around we get to experience a part of their world like never before.... Read more

The Bard's Tale

You play a sarcastic bard that is sick of small quests, killing rats, and sick of being lead in circles. Yet you manage to suck it up and go forward.  if the reward is great enough, there is nothing else to do, or the girl is beautiful.... Read more

Demon Stone

You control the actions for three characters, a sorcerer, a rogue, and a fighter as they attempt to defeat Slaad Lord and Githyanki. These two are the generals of two demon armies. If not defeated in time the world will meet certain destruction. The story was wrote by R.A.... Read more

Morrowind: The Elder Scrolls III Tribunal

"Tribunal" is the latest addition the famed "Elder Scrolls III" It requires the original game to play. In this expansion, you have the ability to travel to the city of Mournhold. ... Read more

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is a charming, adventurous, action packed story. A boy named Sora is separated from his friends Riku and Kairi on one strange night. Transported to another world, Sora meets up with two new companions, Donald Duck and Goofy.... Read more


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