Roses & Revolutions: Roses & Revolutions

Looking for a song that is easy to learn, has catchy lyrics, maybe some beats that you can tap your foot along with or tap on the steering wheel as you drive?... Read more

Laura Reed: The Awakening

A few years ago I reviewed another album by the artist Laura Reed and I was taken by her music. Shortly after doing the review of the album I actually got to see her live and the pleasure of meeting here and talking to her.... Read more

The Tins: Young Blame

Three guys, Michael Santillo doing the vocals and keyboard, then David Muntner is on the drums, and Adam Putzer strums out on the guitar and as well as doing some vocals on the new EP called Young Blame.... Read more

Rick Kelly: Dream of a Better Life

Rick Kelly has the kind of voice and a knack for melody that is both richly and warmly familiar, like the classic pop styles of Neil Diamond, Billy Joel or Frank Sinatra, or even someone more contemporary, like John Mayer. Yet it's different from anything else you have ever heard. He's like someone that you think you may have met before, but can't quite put your finger on when and where. ... Read more