Sailor Moon: SuperS

Sailor Moon Pegasus Collection contains episodes 37-39 uncut featuring things never seen on TV.  Queen Nehelenia threatens to kill Mini-Moon if she does not get the Golden Crystal. Pegasus gives up his freedom to save his friend. But the Queen has not won yet.... Read more

Beyblade: Let It Rip

Tyson’s goal is to be the best Beyblader in the world. Throughout “Let It Rip” Tyson meets up with “The Chief” Kenny and Max who help him train and practice. All the challenges run Tyson into Kai and the Blade Sharks, a tough gang that never loses.... Read more

Gate Keepers

These three episodes take the Keepers through three very different journeys. First they find their selves trapped in a world of illusions where fantasies become realities. Next they must stop a bullet train controlled by Kikai Shogun.... Read more


Journey into Vash’s past in the first episode.  This DVD reveals a little into Vash’s past clearing up a few questions. The other episodes break up the norm. This is a decent addition for your Trigun collection; but the stories may not hold your attention as well as others.... Read more