Giving a Voice to Iconic 'Peanuts' Characters: An Interview with the Cast of 'The Peanuts Movie'

Giving a Voice to Iconic 'Peanuts' Characters: An Interview with the Cast of 'The Peanuts Movie'

Shakefire sat down with some of the cast of The Peanuts Movie including Noah Schnapp as the loveable Charlie Brown, Hadley Belle Miller as the bossy know-it-all Lucy, and Francesca Capaldi, who for the first time ever gives a voice to the Little Red-Haired Girl. They talk with us about their favorite Peanuts memories and what it was like to work on the film and lend their voices to such iconic characters.


Shakefire (SF): How did you prepare for each of your roles?

Hadley Belle Miller (HBM): Well with Lucy I just listened to the specials. I listened to some of the songs, not because I had to sing in the movie, but because I liked to. I read some of the comic strips. I have this big book full of the comic strips from 1952 to 1956. I think we all have the same one!


Francesca Capaldi (FC): It was kinda hard to prepare since the Little Red-Haired Girl has never spoken before. She’s never had a voice so I couldn’t base my voice off of anything. When I went in with Steve, the director, we just kinda worked it out, and we ended up going with my natural voice.


Noah Schnapp (NS): I watched a lot of the specials. I watched The Great Pumpkin like five times. I have the same book as her and I read that strip. I still haven’t finished it, but it’s so good. I did a lot of preparing, and I just used my normal voice.


SF: What was your favorite part of voicing these iconic characters?
HBM: My favorite part was getting to be a little sassy because at home I get into a lot of trouble. Also doing this press tour and working with Steve Martino, the director.


FC: For me it was being able to do the first voice of the Little Red-Haired Girl. And also being able to work with Steve.


NS: I think everything was amazing. I don’t think there was a part I didn’t like. Just like she said, the press tour’s been awesome; we went around the country. I liked working with Steve Martino because he was so helpful, and he was an amazing director. And I got to go to Luke Skywalker Ranch. That was amazing!



SF: And how was it getting to play these characters?
NS: In the beginning, before I started even recording for this, I was a bit nervous to play such a big, well known, iconic character. Once I got into it I learned just to be myself, and I had so much fun playing him. We haven’t seen the movie in 3D yet, so I can’t wait to see it in 3D.


SF: But you have seen scenes, right?
HBM: We’ve seen the movie.


FC: It’s so good! It’s already great now so in 3D it’s going to be…


NS: Incredible!


SF: What was your favorite scene?
FC: My favorite scene would probably be the ending scene.


NS: The whole movie Charlie Brown is trying to build up the courage to talk to the Little Red-Haired Girl so my favorite scene was when he finally talked to her during the last scene when she’s going on the bus.


HBM: My favorite part is when Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown because it’s really fun to do that. Today in another interview we actually got to do that, which was really fun. He ran for it and I just pulled it away, haha.


SF: What do you want other kids to know about the other movie?
HBM: I want kids to dream big, because I think that’s the big message, and to work hard if you really love something.


FC: Like she said, dream big, but also to be yourself and to know that awards aren’t what make people like you.


NS: I think we all agree it’s to dream big because that’s the big part of the movie.


HBM: That’s on the sign!


NS: But I also think because Charlie Brown never gives up, if you never give up on your dreams you’ll be successful.



SF: What was your initial reaction to see these characters with your voices for the first time?
HBM: It was really weird because it was me talking and Lucy talking at the same time. It would be more natural if my character looked like me, like Francesca’s is.


FC: Yeah, it’s weird, but it’s really awesome. Like Hadley said, it’s not much of a shocker for me because she kinda looks similar to me.


NS: I think it’s a little awkward to see your voice on a whole different person, but it’s kinda awesome to hear your voice coming out of those big speakers. It’s amazing, but it’s weird, too.


SF: What was it like recording your lines? Normally you’re interacting with other people when you’re shooting acting, but in this situation you’re usually alone.
NS: I thought it’d be different because I expected it to be all of us in one big booth all talking to each other. But we actually go in and we do one with the director. He’s every other character, and we’re our character and we just record our lines. It’s really amazing, because when you watch the movie it’s exactly like we were all talking to each other.


FC: Yeah, it was not how I thought it would be. He lives in New York, and we live in California. We’re definitely not together like I thought.


SF: Before coming into the movie did you have a favorite Peanuts character?

HBM: My favorite Peanuts was probably Sally because I played her when I was little in Your A Good Man, Charlie Brown. She’s just super sweet and perky.


FC: Well it’s hard. I love Snoopy, but I also like Woodstock because he’s so cute and tiny. He has all those tiny things; in the movie there’s a little snow blower and he’s going around his nest with it. I think it’s so cute because he’s just so miniature. The way he talks is just adorable to me.


NS: I think every character is awesome in their own ways, but I gotta go with Snoopy because that’s Charlie Brown’s best friend. He’s like Woodstock; he so adorable with everything he does and I love that. He actually started out as a cute little dog on four legs and he would always listen, and now he’s a wiseguy and he walks on two legs. It’s crazy how he’s changed.



SF: How familiar were you with the Peanuts franchise before coming onto the film?
HBM: Ever since I was in the play I had known a little bit about it, but now I’m a super big fan because I’m in the movie so how could I not be a big fan?


FC: I was just super excited because I’ve watched the Peanuts special before. You know, the Christmas special, the Thanksgiving, the Great Pumpkin. I was just super excited because all my best friends, they all watch them too. It was just really, really, really, awesome.


NS: I gotta admit, before I started working on this movie I didn’t know a lot about Peanuts. I knew about Snoopy and Charlie Brown, but I didn’t really know a lot about it. When I auditioned for it, I started researching Charlie Brown, and I went on YouTube and watched all the holiday specials. Now, just like Hadley, I’m a big fan now because how could you not be.


SF: How close to your characters are you in terms of your personality?
HBM: Well, Lucy is a boss and a leader. I like to be a leader and help people. It makes me feel good when I do that. She’s also very opinionated and sometimes that can be a bad thing because she lets people know in a harsh way.


FC: Besides my hair, I guess by her actions she always seems to be really nice and kind. I always try to be like that too.


NS: Charlie Brown never gives up. I always try to be like that and never give up because that’s a great trait to have. He has a dog named Snoopy, and I have a dog named Spaghetti which I got when I was four. He’s a King Charles and he’s sorta like Snoopy.


The Peanuts Movie opens this Friday, November 6. Be sure to check out our interview with director Steve Martino and writer Craig Schulz, too!