Matthew Broderick: Quick Thoughts

Matthew Broderick: Quick Thoughts

On the meaning of the term Stepford wife
It must be a powerful idea because it became a term that people use. “She’s very Stepford” we hear, or “he’s Stepford.” I guess it was something to do with women’s lib in the seventies and all these frightened men wanting to make a women behave like it was still the fifties.

On the roles of men vs. women
It’s the battle that I guess everybody thought would be settled by now, but isn’t. That is about, where men and women fit into roles, who does what, and, you know, men are from Mars and all those problems. But we do sometimes like different things.

On the cast

I think a lot of what the movie is, is Nicole Kidman, Chris Walken, Bette Midler all these, you know, great performers. To see them mix it up should be pretty exciting.

Interview by Josh Newhouse