Mean Girls

Mean Girls: The Interview

SHAKEFIRE: What is the meanest thing you have done?

TINA FEY (TF): I think the meanest thing that I've ever done was one time when I was in fourth grade, we dumped a giant box of extra crayons on this kid's head. And then the teacher turned around and blamed him for spilling it. As if some reason he would've dumped a huge box of crayons on his own head. 
LINDSAY LOHAN (LL): The meanest thing I've ever done? I can't really think of anything. Honestly! I'm a nice person. But if I had to think of something… (laughs) My friend Kendra and I were away with my family in the Bahamas recently. She was being mean to me so I locked her out of the room for a little bit. Then I let her back in later when I was sleeping. My sister let her back in or something. But it wasn't that mean because I was just getting her back. 
SF: What is the meanest thing that has been done to you? 
TF: One time when I was in the ninth grade, I was walking through the student center of my high school and the pay phone rang and I answered it. And it was sort of a weird, perverted caller and he saying, "Is this a boy or a girl?" I was like, "It's a girl." [He asked:] "Are you cute?" I was like, "Ah, yeah, sure." I hung up and got out of there. And I was telling this story to a bunch of girls in my class and I’m saying, oh the guy was like, "Are you a girl?" and I said, "Yes." And he said, "Are you cute?" and I was like, "Yeah." And [a] girl stopped me and said, "Wait a minute! Do you think you're cute? Why did you say you were cute? 'Cause you're not cute!" 
LL: The meanest thing someone's ever done to me… I think I was in like second or third grade and this girl who was my best friend and I got in a fight. And she had all of my friends sign a petition against me. So, girls are really mean in school sometimes! We're friends now and everything's cool, but it was pretty mean. 
SF:What is your experience with cliques in high school? 
Lindsay Lohan: I couldn't really be in a specific clique because I was always in and out of school working and stuff. I kind of tried to be friends with everyone. I thought it was better that way. Cause then if your clique wasn't in school that day, you had other friends instead of no one to hang out with and stuff. There are a lot of cliques in high school and I think that's why this movie is so great to see 'cause is so relatable to. It's true to how high school is and it's fun to watch that come to life on film. 
AMANDA SEYFRIED (AS): Well in high school, I was pretty much the Karen (my character)… I had a group of friends, a group of girlfriends, about five or six of us. There's another group of girls and we were kind of like enemies with those girls. That was pretty much it, we were at each other, but we stayed close within our group. I was always being made fun of for being really dumb, but…I wasn't! 
RACHEL McADAMS (RA): I guess I was in the jock clique, but not really. I was more in the clique of me. There was one member: me. I wasn't really into cliques in high school. They weren't really, really, really well-defined. Everybody just had their own groups of friends. I guess if you could put me somewhere, I'd have to be a jock or drama…geek. 
DANIEL FRANZESE (DF): I think one of the most important things about "Mean Girls" is to show that no matter what level of popularity you feel like you're at or where you feel like you're at in school, people could still be mean to each other. And you shouldn't do, 'cause it doesn't help anything. 
LIZZY CAPLAN (LC): See, I disagree. I think being mean to people in high school is healthy. It's sort of like you're in this situation with all these other kids and sometimes you need to get your aggression out. And if you'd had people be mean to you before, it really does build character. 
DF: But just don't peak in high school. 
LC: Don't peak in high school. 
DF: Time for the future. 
LC: Yeah. 
Mean Girls is in theatres now! 
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