Will Forte (Up all Night)

Will Forte: The Interview (Up all Night)
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Will Forte was a producer on the show "That 70's Show" and he was a story editor on the show "3rd rock from the Sun."

Will Forte was a cast member on Saturday Night Live for the past 8 seasons and is most notably known for playing a character named MacGruber, that also had a movie by the same name released in 2010. He will be making a guest appearance on a new show entitled, “Up all Night,” that stars Will Arnett, Christina Applegate, and fellow SNL alumni Maya Rudolph. He will be playing a stay at home dad that loves to surf on the episode entitled, “Working late & Working it” that airs Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 8pm on NBC. Shakefire had a chance to interview Will Forte to discuss his guest appearance on the show.

SHAKEFIRE: How was your experience working on the show “Up all Night?”
WILL FORTE: It was pure joy. I was pretty much friends with everyone there already. I worked with Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett’s wife, Amy Poehler, on SNL. I’ve known Emily Spivey (the creator of the show) for about 15-16 years and we worked together on Saturday Night Live. Also, I already knew all of the writers for the show.

SF: I understand in this episode Reed (Will Forte) gives Chris (Will Arnett) some advice on how to bring the sexy back into his marriage with Reagan (Christina Applegate). What kind of advice does Reed give Chris?
WF: Let’s see....I am 41 years old without any kids of my own. So pretty much the same kind of advice I would give to everyone else in my own life. It seemed reasonable to Reed and he is trying to make Chris see things through the eyes of woman, but no guarantees if its correct or not.

SF: Do you think they would make Reed a recurring character on the show?
WF: I have no idea and that is out of my power. I am friends with everyone there, but its totally up to them. If they asked, I would love to be a part of it for sure.

SF: Besides “Up all Night,” you have made guest appearances on some of my favorite shows, such as “How I met your Mother,” “30 Rock,” and “Park & Recreation.” If given the opportunity, what other shows would you want to guest star on?
WF: Wow! What a question. I think I have been a part of so many great shows already. If it could be any show, I think I’d like to guest star on “Louie,” “Sports Center,” and “Monday Night Football.” Then again, not sure if I want to ruin their shows.

SF: After working on SNL for 8 seasons, which guest hosts did you enjoy working with the most?
WF: Through 8 seasons, there were a lot of guest hosts I had the honor of working with. I would have to say Will Ferrell, Jake Gyllenhall Jack Black, Josh Brolin, and, of course, Alec Baldwin. I also had a lot of fun when Betty White hosted because on that episode a lot of the former female cast members, like Tina Fey and Amy Poelher, came back to help out. That episode was extra special for all of us and Betty White was great on the show.

SF: What projects do you have coming up after your appearance on “Up all Night?”
WF: I am working on an Adam Sandler movie. I have always been a huge fan of his and love his work. The movie is called “Neighborhood Watch” and stars Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and Jonah Hill. I can’t wait for it to come out.

SF: Sounds really funny! Thanks a lot for talking with us Will and I can’t wait to check out the episode of “Up all Night” and your new movie.
WF: Thanks for talking with me! Have a good one!!

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