Chicken Little

Release Date: 
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Running Time: 
81 Minutes

As this is a kid’s movie, it features the family-friendly 1.78:1 ratio Widescreen presentation (which the movie was created in).  With this presentation, there is no loss to the picture on any end of the movie.  It is not my preferred viewing, but  I would rather them present it in it’s original theatrical presentation rather than chopping or editing it in any way.  The picture is amazingly clear, as is the norm with CGI movies.  The only worry I had was the CGI is not as pristine as their Pixar counterparts or that of Sony’s Monster House.  Still, the clarity is well presented as is the sound (with little loss on a 7.1 system).  What does all this amount to?  Possibly a bit of an overkill.  DVD enthusiasts are likely not going to take to Chicken Little as a needing upgrade if the DVD is already owned as they likely own the DVD purely for their kid’s and kids don’t really care about clarity.