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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

With his last play being a bust and getting some of the worst reviews he's ever had, famous playwright Robert Longfellow (played by Martin Donovan) tries to escape to the home he grew up in. Hoping that he can relax some at his childhood home, Robert meets an old neighbor Gus (played by David Morse), an ex-con who seems to always be drunk. Being at his old home with his mother has turned into a nightmare for Robert as he faces the challenge of infidelity with Emma (Olivia Williams) a famous actress who was once in his old plays. But just as Robert comes to his decision, Gus comes over to Robert's home with a bag of alcohol wanting to catch up with each other. Thinking he will only be a few minutes talking to Gus, Robert quickly finds himself at the end of a gun as a hostage where he's forced to talk about his life.