No Clue

In Theatres: 
Dec 05, 2013
On DVD: 
Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 36 Minutes
Written by: 

In this modern take on classic film noir, desperate, blonde bombshell Kyra walks into the office of low-level, advertising and novelty items salesman Leo asking for his help with finding her genius video game designer brother who has disappeared. It's a straight up case of mistaken identity -- Kyra thinks Leo is the private investigator from down the hall. Yet, Leo, a man who has fallen head-over-heels and instantly in love, is unable to refuse this beautiful, mysterious woman's request. So, he lies.As Leo finds himself more and more involved, fumbling his way through crime scenes and following an ever-growing list of suspects that includes the brother's colleagues and competitors, he soon learns that his decision has dangerous, and even life and death, consequences!