Sin City

Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
On DVD: 
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Running Time: 
124 Minutes

The interwoven story of Sin City is told in true comic book and noir fashion.  Over-acted lines and over-dramatic movements are plentiful in this story of revenge and redemption.  Starting with the story of Hartigan (Bruce Willis), a good intentioned cop trying to avoid the corruption of the police force to save a little girl.  Jumping to the seemingly unrelated story of Marv (played by Mickey Rourke in his best performance to date).  Marv is a horribly disfigured beast of a man with a heart bigger than his body and a strength unlike any other.  After waking up to find his love dead, Marv sets out on a rampage of carnage, climbing the ladder to uncover the massive plot to set him up.  Rounding out the incredible cast is Jessica Alba, Devon Aoki, Rosario Dawson, Alexis Bledel, Benicio Del Toro, Brittany Murphy, Clive Owen and Nick Stahl (in a career making performance).