The Definitive WWI & WWII Collection

On DVD: 
Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Running Time: 
2646 minutes

The world has went to war twice, that's a commonly known fact of life and history, but what led up to those wars, was there certain reasons for everything happening, or could the wars have been stopped? That's just a tiny, little fraction of the questions that this collection will answer as well as give to you and then answer. We know what Hitler did during his rule in Germany as well as knowing that in his younger years he wanted to be an artist, but what happened between those years to have him go from a starving artist to the most hated man on the planet?  What about the weapons that are being used in both of the wars? How did they change over the years and how did they impact not only the wars but the world? From how the men were affected by the wars to how the world was affected and pretty much everything in between is being discussed in this collection by the History Channel. They left no topic untouched, leaders, followers, weapons, locations, it's all in this 44 hour long collection.