The Goonies

Release Date: 
Friday, June 7, 1985
In Theatres: 
Jun 07, 1985
On DVD: 
Friday, June 7, 1985
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 54 Minutes

Sure, walk into a Hot Topic these days and you can't escape shirts, belts, etc with pictures of Chunk doing the Truffle Shuffle or Sloth screaming "Hey you guys!" but have you actually seen the movie?  Most likely, if you were born in the early 80s or earlier, you've caught this one more than once.  If you are one of these kids running around sporting the shirts and not even knowing who One-Eyed Willie is, then shame on you, it's about time you start talking the talk.


The movie starts in a small failing town in Oregon.  Families are struggling to keep their homes while fending off a group that is trying to build a golf course.  Enter One-Eyed Willie's mysterious treasure and a group of kids not wanting to give up on a dream and you have the recipe for one of the best 80s movies ever.  The journey follows the kids through tunnels, sewers and dingy places with the Fratelli gang hot on their heels.  The movie is rewarding and more than worth your time.