My Boys coming back March 31

Those who watch enough television know that there is more to quality programming than what is just on major networks and premium cable. In fact, if one digs enough, one might just find that little-known gem that proves itself worthy enough of watching on a regular basis. One of those shows? TBS' My Boys.

The comedy is about to embark on its third season, and today TBS revealed that it will be back on the air on March 31. And to let those who fell behind get caught up, TBS has a recap video of last season up on its Web site.

My Boys stars Jordana Spiro as PJ, a professional sportswriter in jock-obsessed Chicago. PJ is surrounded by her group of beer-swilling male friends, who never miss a chance to lay a good insult or take each other's money in a poker game.

Also starring in the program are Jim Gaffigan, Reid Scott, Kyle Howard, and Jamie Kaler.

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