GameFly Launches Free Online Video Game Site

GameFly.com, the leading online video game rental service, announced today the launch of their new website, Ponged.com (www.ponged.com).  The free online video game site offers access to over 500 fun and unique games spanning seven different genres, including action, strategy and shooter.

"With the launch of Ponged.com, our goal is to provide all players with an extensive library of great games hand-picked by our staff of hardcore gamers," said Sean Spector, Co-Founder and SVP, Business Development and Content.  "Ponged.com provides the best Flash games out there, free of charge."

Unlike other Flash games sites, Ponged.com provides a richer gaming experience by allowing players to play games full-screen and provides a "boss button," which conceals game play from prying eyes.  Ponged.com also brings Flash gaming to two major consoles by targeting games playable via the web browsers on the Wii and PS3. In addition to these innovative features, Ponged members are able to find their friends online, jump into a game that a friend is visiting, and play while chatting in real time.

GameFly continues to build on its leadership position in the online videogame rental market by offering a wide range of gaming resources not only to the subscribers of its rental service but to the gaming community as a whole.

News by Pandora
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