Konami's Discounted Game Apps

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced that all of their popular iPhone and iPod touch favorites are available now for 99 cents on the App store through January 4. New games such as Tomena Sanner, and hits like Frogger and Metal Gear Solid Touch make it easy and affordable to enjoy the holidays on-the-go. Please see below to view the full lineup of titles:

Tomena Sanner - As businessman Hitoshi Susumu, players are on a mission to race against the clock while avoiding obstacles like T-Rexes, samurais and cowboys that get in their way in order to reach their ultimate dance party destination.
Field Prowlers POLICE RUSH! - In this exciting car chase game, players assume the role of a police officer sworn to protect and serve by chasing down criminals and arresting them.

Frogger - Help guide one of Konami's most beloved characters safely across the highway while avoiding oncoming traffic and other obstacles.

Metal Gear Solid Touch - The award-winning commercial warfare adventure brings Old Snake to the iPhone though five chapters spanning 20 stages in which familiar enemies attempt to keep Snake from accomplishing his mission.

Silent Hill: The Escape - Enter the fear-provoking town of Silent Hill where players must solve puzzles, uncover dark secrets and gather clues to avoid grotesque monsters and survive.

Silent Scope - Players will fight to save the President and the First Family from terrorists by using their marksmanship skills in this fast-paced rail shooter.

Krazy Kart Racing - Pick one of ten classic Konami heroes and speed across 16 themed racing circuits in this 3D cartoon styled racer.

DanceDanceRevolution S - In this addictive music rhythm game, choose from up to three gameplay modes with 26 songs and 18 playable characters.

DanceDanceRevolution S+ - Groove in classic DDR style, but with an added bonus of being able to download new tunes to tap to on the go.

Power Pros Touch - Experience the crowd cheers, fight songs and over 120 variations of play-by-play baseball commentary as players chose from 25 to 162 game seasons.

All of the titles listed above are available today through January 4 for 99 cents at the App store for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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