Bradley Cooper Hunted By The Grey

Joe Carnahan has found one of the men he wants to feed to a pack of wolves in The Grey – Bradley Cooper.

The director – who recently shot The A-Team with Cooper playing Lt Templeton “Faceman” Peck – has been developing the film version of The Grey for a couple of years now, writing the script with the original short story’s author, Ian Jeffers.

Cooper will play one of a group of oil pipeline workers looking forward to getting back to civilisation after months spent in the wilds of Alaska. But when their plane goes down, the survivors are hunted by a pack of rogue wolves.

Where’s Sarah Palin when you need her?

If Cooper signs, it’s likely that Carnahan will make The Grey his next scheduled film since attaching such a currently hot actor to the project will help it secure the funding it needs.

Peter Oberth
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