'Desperate Housewives' alums get TV roles

One of the most volatile TV couples is back.

Former "Desperate Housewives" star Nicollette Sheridan is set as the lead opposite Paul Kaye in Ant Hines' comedy pilot presentation for CBS.

Meanwhile, Neal McDonough, who played Sheridan's psycho husband who ultimately led to her character's demise in a freaky car accident, will star opposite Virginia Madsen on ABC's dramedy series "Scoundrels."

Hines' semi-scripted presentation, directed by Larry Charles, stars English actor Paul Kaye as a British lowlife moving to L.A. to reconnect with his daughter, a precocious teen superstar.

Returning to her Blighty roots, British born-and-raised Sheridan will play the girl's outrageous stage mother and the deadbeat dad's long-lost love. She is managed by 3 Arts.

The project marks a reunion for "Borat" and "Bruno" alums Hines and Charles.

Based on the New Zealand series "Outrageous Fortune," the comedic drama
"Scoundrels" centers on the matriarch (Madsen) of a family of criminals who decides it's time for her brood to go straight after her scam artist/forger/petty thief husband (McDonough) is sentenced to a long prison term.

For four seasons, Sheridan played Wisteria Lane man-eater Edie, who finally found her match in Dave Williams (McDonough), her villainous third husband in Season 5.

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