McShane Is Blackbeard In Fourth "Pirates"

Some casting news makes one jump for joy, this is one of those stories.

Acting legend Ian McShane ("Deadwood," "44 Inch Chest") is in negotiations to play Blackbeard, the main villain of "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", the upcoming fourth film in Disney's biggest live-action franchise says The Hollywood Reporter.

Born Edward Teach, the notorious English pirate Blackbeard captained the Queen Anne's Revenge and operated around the West Indies in the early 1700's.

Unlike some of his more bloodthirsty brethren, Teach was a smart businessman who used his fearsome image and reputation rather than force to get what he desired.

As previously reported, Johnny Depp will reprise his role of Captain Jack Sparrow in a story that revolves around the Fountain of Youth. Penelope Cruz was recently cast as the character's "foil and equal".

Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot penned the script with Rob Marshall directing and Jerry Bruckheimer producing. The film opens next May.

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