Paul Greengrass is officially over Jason Bourne

Devin over at CHUD got a very interesting and long answer to a BOURNE question while interviewing Paul Greengrass about GREEN ZONE.

Back in December, we caught wind that Greengrass was leaving the fourth film in the series due to "creative differences". From Matt Damon's perspective, he had seemed rather optimistic, but when he talked about a reboot it was fair to say that his days as Jason Bourne were done. That on top of his loyalty to Greengrass.

Here's what the director had to say, "I have moved on. I finished [Green Zone] in July, had the summer off, and I came back and thought I could find a way to get engaged and make [a fourth Bourne film], [but] I thought in my head there were so many other things and films I wanted to make. I didn't have the fire in my belly. Not that I don't like Jason Bourne, not that I'm not extremely grateful to the franchise, not that I'm extremely close to the studio - there were no arguments. I didn't feel like I had anything else to contribute. It just happens with franchises; you get to a point where you feel like you've done it."

Even without him, Greengrass sees the franchise continuing as well as his association with Universal, "They need to find someone else to come in to take it in a new direction I wouldn't have thought of and it will be better. I'll continue to make movies with the studio, and I'll continue to make movies with Matt, because there are a lot of movies I'd like to make with him. In the end in your creative journey through life you need new challenges, and I've come to that place."

So, what's Greengrass looking to do next? "Could it be a romantic comedy? Probably not. It'll probably be some gigantic action movie
, but it'll be fun and new."

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